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I heard about banana bread and the whole craze during the pandemic when all of us tried to recreate the delicious buns at home, but WATERMELON BREAD? I had no idea this was a thing. Apparently, you can make bread using any fruit you have these days. After researching the topic of watermelon bread recipes, I have reached a final conclusion: I love it!

What is watermelon bread?

Apparently, watermelon bread is a trend started by one baker in Taiwan who tried to invent new, creative recipes for children. Head baker Lee Wen-Fa at Jimmy’s Bakery in Jiaoxy took on the challenge and designed the beautiful dessert which was a great success with the little customers. He had no idea that his creation would later become a worldwide phenomenon, but here we are. Thank you for your idea!

Basically, watermelon bread is no different from any other fruit breads. It is made from simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, raisins, butter, eggs, baking powder salt, and fresh watermelon. Those of us who want it to look like real watermelon can just add food coloring and sculpt the loaf into a 1:1 replica. For those who just want the taste, the recipe is simple.

Watermelon bread recipes

I gathered here a list of all watermelon bread recipes I could find online. If you’d like to try one of them, feel free to research my list and pick your favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Watermelon bread made with fresh watermelon
This particular loaf only comes in red and seems easier to cook than other, more complicated designs.

2. Watermelon bread from Jocooks.com

A more real-looking way of enjoying this delicious dessert.

3. Tokonatsu Watermelon Bread

This loaf goes one step forward and teaches us how to sculpt the final loaf to resemble the real thing even more.

4. Watermelon Hokkaido Milk Bread

Cut these square slices diagonally to get a final shape resembling watermelon slices!

5. Watermelon bread, the most amazing brioche ever!

You can bake watermelon bread in whatever shape you want! Use it as a cake base if you feel like it.

6. Soft and crusty superfood – Watermelon Sandwich Bread with spirulina

I cannot believe how good-looking some of these slices of bread are. This one even has a white coating, just like a real watermelon.

7. Watermelon bread that looks like real watermelon

You can just play with your dough until you get as much of a real-looking loaf as you want. The possibilities are endless, just be careful to dose your patience. ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Watermelon look-a-like raisin bread

I have to admit, using raisins as seeds made me chuckle. Creativity is truly endless!

9. Watermelon quick bread

Sometimes you just want your watermelon bread for the taste, not for the looks. If you have one of those days, try this quick recipe.

10. Strawberry watermelon chocolate chip bread

I can just smell this loaf of deliciousness through my computer’s screen!

11. Japanese Mom’s watermelon bread

Moms, what can’t they do for their little ones? Look at how good-looking this loaf of watermelon bread is!

12. Watermelon Bread Loaf

13. Watermelon prank bread

14. Watermelon bread

I feel like watermelon bread is just the hottest food trend we have never heard of. Fresh watermelon flavor, squishy loaf of bread, amazing smell – it has them all. No wonder it is one of the children’s favorite foods worldwide.


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