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I will never forget the first time I tried a Wagyu burger. It was like a bite of Heaven! No wonder everybody loves this meat, it has indeed a very particular, delicious taste and juicy feeling. However, I haven’t had the courage to try cooking a burger at home, until I found these Wagyu burger recipes, as the meat is very expensive and it is not something I can afford to cook wrong :). If you want to go straight to the finish line, try one of these recipes and enjoy a delicious burger in the comfort of your home.

If you’re a meat enjoyer like me but do not want to have a burger right now, I can inspire you with some other recipes that I love (more than 100 recipes!):

For those of you who want to get what they came here for, there you have it:

Let’s get to the point! Wagyu burger recipes!

  1. Wagyu beef burger with red wine caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli

2. Truffle Wagyu burger recipe

3. Buttery and delicious Wagyu burger on the grill

4. Wagyu beef hamburgers

5. Wagyu beef burger with caramelized onions

6. The BEST Smash burger ever (American Wagyu ground beef)

7. Japanese Katsu burger

8. Wagyu smash burger cooked in beef tallow


9. Wagyu beef burger with truffle and cheese

10. Wagyu burger horseradish and frozen blue cheese

11. Neil Perry’s famous wagyu burger

12. Wagyu beef Juicy Lucy cheese stuffed burgers + sauce

13. Keto-friendly wagyu cheeseburger

14. Mushroom Emmentaler Wagyu burgers with herb-spiked mayo

15. Wagyu Cali burger

16. Wine Country Burger

17. Grilled Wagyu Burger with New Mexico green chiles

18. Ultimate Wagyu, foie gras and truffle burger

19. Campagna burger

20. Mexican chorizo + garlic shrimp burger

21. 1/3 pound Wagyu burger

22. Wagyu burger with bacon gruyere and frickles

23. Grilled Wagyu burger with truffle-garlic mayo

24. Blue cheese and bacon Wagyu burger

25. Wagyu burger with wasabi mayo

26. Blue cheese Wagyu burger

27. Welsh Wagyu burger with fermented lettuce

28. Crispy rice Wagyu sandwich

29. Chorizo and mushroom Wagyu burger

30. Wagyu burger on waffle-buns made from egg, cheese and spices

31. Wagyu burger and jalapeno tomato relish

32. Mini Wagyu burgers with bleu cheese mousse and spicy ketchup

33. Burgers with pickled beetroot

34. Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu burger

35. Wagyu burger with a Mediterranean flair

36. Wagyu truffle burger

37. Rockpool signature Wagyu sliders

38. Loaded bacon burgers with whiskey caramelized onions

39. Gruyere American Wagyu cheeseburger with red onion jam

40. Wagyu smash burger with parmesan crisps


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