28 Waffle stick pan recipes – sweet AND savory!

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Honestly, I know ZERO people who don’t just LOVE waffles. Sweet, savory, weird combinations, everybody just adores the crunchy exterior and soft inside of this delicious food that we just can’t get enough of. How do I know that we can’t get enough of it? Guys, there are waffle makers that make waffle sticks! How awesome is that? Enjoy some great waffle stick pan recipes that will impress your loved ones every time you cook them. Not to mention the kids! Any stick food sticks to kids. See what I did there? 🙂

Don’t tell anybody (shush), but you can definitely use these recipes to cook any shape of waffles if you don’t have a stick pan yet. Everybody should enjoy the deliciousness in cooking, regardless of your instruments. Moreover, for more waffle recipes try some from Josh Cortis, he has a meal-prepping, high-protein, frozen type of waffle for us. If you only have self-rising flour, don’t worry, there is also a self-rising flour waffle recipe for you out there. Not to mention, if you just want some simple waffles to enjoy for a minute, here you have the classic waffles recipe.

Waffle stick pan recipes – Savory ideas

  1. Mozzarella waffle sticks

2. Jalapeno cheddar waffle sticks

3. Savoury waffle recipe

4. Cornbread sticks in the waffle stick pan

5. Mac and cheese Waffles

6. Pizza sticks

7. Grilled cheese waffle sticks

8. Chicken and waffles on a stick

9. Shrimp stuffed waffle pops with mango dip

10. Mozzarella stick waffles

11. Keto ham & cheese chaffle sticks

Sweet ideas – Waffle sticks

  1. Vanilla cinnamon winter waffle sticks

2. Baked waffle sticks

3. French toast waffle sticks

4. Churro waffle sticks

5. Waffle sticks with a cannoli dip

6. Gingerbread waffle french toast sticks

7. Sugar cookie waffle sticks

8. Rich and crispy waffle sticks

9. S’mores waffle sticks

10. Best low carb french toast waffle sticks

11. Vanilla cinnamon winter waffle sticks

12. Blueberry cinnamon waffle sticks

13. Vegan zucchini chocolate chip waffle sticks

14. Whole wheat waffle sticks

15. Peanut butter and jelly waffle sticks

16. Vegan vanilla waffles (or sticks)

17. Protein french waffle dippers

I love how I managed to find vegan, keto, low-carb, and protein-rich variations for waffle stick pan recipes. My blog was designed to include as many recipe variations as I can so that we can all enjoy our classic, as well as new foods together. If you have other recipes for stick waffles, just post them in the comments and I will include them in my list!


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