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Breakfast recipes for the win! After many successful brunches with my friends enjoying Shakshuka recipes until lunchtime, I thought I should change things a bit. Turkish eggs recipes are a delightful and flavorful culinary tradition that has gained popularity worldwide. This vibrant cuisine combines the richness of eggs with a medley of spices and ingredients, resulting in a truly tantalizing breakfast or brunch experience.

One of the most renowned Turkish egg dishes is “Menemen,” where eggs are gently cooked with tomatoes, peppers, and spices, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Another beloved option is “Cilbir,” featuring poached eggs atop a bed of creamy yogurt, drizzled with a spicy butter sauce. These recipes showcase the creativity and mastery of Turkish cuisine, enticing food enthusiasts with their unique and delicious combinations.

Favorite Turkish eggs recipes for summertime

  1. Turkish eggs (Cilbir)

2. Turkish eggs served over garlicky yoghurt

3. Menemen – Turkish egg scramble

4. High-protein Turkish eggs

5. Turkish eggs with whipped goat’s cheese

6. Turkish eggs recipe with herbed yoghurt

7. Turkish eggs

8. Turkish eggs with harissa butter and avocado relish

9. Turkish eggs with Chile butter and whipped feta


10. Turkish eggs on toast

11. Turkish eggs with sumac yoghurt

12. Spinach and eggs

13. Turkish eggs with roasted chickpeas

14. Turkish eggs with olives, feta and tomatoes

15. Lemon herb Turkish eggs

16. Turkish eggs with crispy rice

17. Turkish eggs with dilled yoghurt

18. Roasted peppers and Turkish eggs with Yogurt

19. Eggs with chili garlic sauce

20. Turkish poached egg phyllo tart with spring vegetables

21. Turkish eggs in spiced yoghurt

22. A twist on Turkish eggs (with Crispy brown rice)

23. Baked Turkish eggs with yoghurt and chilli

24. Turkish poached egg and quinoa breakfast bowl

25. Turkish eggs with charred tomatoes and sweet peppers

26. Turkish eggs with Aleppo butter, Jalapeno shug and roast aubergine

27. Turkish eggs with mustard and curry leaves

28. Turkish eggs with chickpeas and flatbread

29. Turkish eggs with pickled shallot and cucumber salad

30. The rich and creamy Turkish eggs

I just hope you will enjoy all these delicious recipes as much as I will! If you have any other ideas I did not include in my list, please let me know in the comments. I will make sure to publish them here for everyone to enjoy.


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