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The Good Dish was a spin-off daytime show launched by Dr. Oz’s daughter, Daphne Oz, along with Gail Simmons and Jamika Pessoa. The three of them had previously starred in Dr. Oz’s show, being part of the weekly segment known as “The Dish”. Unfortunately, the spin-off show was canceled after one partial season. However, we can still watch and enjoy some delicious The Good Dish recipes, as well as The Dish recipes cooked by Daphne Oz and her co-hosts on the Youtube channel.

The Good Dish recipes

  1. Daphne Oz’s Sheet Pan dinner idea

2. Jamika Pessoa’s Moroccan-Spiced Shrimp

To all shrimp lovers out here: this recipe is amazing! I tried it and I have to say I really enjoyed the end result, even with my limited cooking skills. For more shrimp recipes, try some shrimp fajitas or some shrimp and salmon pasta recipes.

3. Turkey wet and dry brine

4. Creamed Spinach

5. Scary Burger

6. Quick, easy and healthy grilled chicken salad

7. Vanessa Williams’ ultimate loaded mashed potatoes

8. Next level grilled cheese

9. The cheesiest stuffed chicken – Dr. Oz recipes

10. Maria Menounos’ Mykonos Burger

11. The perfect Mushroom and Cheese Quiche

Ohh, French cuisine, my old friend. How can you not love a quiche? It is one of the most delicious, easy-to-make, easy-to-store meals out there. You can make a quiche in 1000 ways and still have other ideas left to try. If you like French food just as much as I do, That Dude Can Cook has some useful recipes and advice.

12. Alex Guarnaschelli’s Cheese Sauce Burger

13. Maria Menounos’ Sweet and salty grilled balsamic chicken

14. Guilt-free pasta recipe by Jamie Oliver

More pasta recipes, coming right up.

15. A healthier take on loaded sweet potato skins

16. Lalia Ali’s one-pot spaghetti and meatballs

17. Grilled pizza with fig and arugula

18. The Oz family stuffed artichokes

19. Healthy 5-ingredient salmon

There are so many ways to cook salmon! Try some other ideas from the blog: shrimp and salmon pasta recipes, sitka salmon recipes, salmon fajitas.

20. Vanessa Williams’ healthier weeknight pasta

More pasta, please: 65 ideas for pasta and noodles, Linguine with lobster tails.

21. Mac and cheese

22. Collard greens wrapped turkey and bean burritos

23. Roasted pumpkin ravioli

24. 5-ingredient croissant ham and cheese breakfast bake

25. Fast and filling chicken pot pie

26. No-cook tomato sauce

The Good Dish recipes for delicious desserts

  1. Protein-packed avocado brownies
Would you like some more anabolic recipes? I got you covered! Will Tennyson recipes, Remington James recipes, Josh Cortis recipes.

2. Hot chocolate cloud cake

3. Simple and delicious chocolate cake

4. Jordin Sparks’ strawberry moscato cheesecake

I love how this blog gave me the opportunity to rewatch some of the shows I enjoyed when I was little. Dr. Oz was one of my favorite TV programs, so I feel very good publishing these recipes here, on my blog. I hope you will find them as delicious as I did!


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