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When I wrote my smoker recipes article, I had no idea I would fall in love even more with smoked meals. From meats to veggies and sauces, my entire world has changed. Preparing a queso dip in the smoker was a task I did not know could be possible. The first time I tasted the deliciousness, I was in love. This is why I decided to gather together a list of smoked queso recipes for all of us to enjoy.

Smoked queso recipes for your summer barbecues and late-night evening snacking

  1. The Viral TikTok Smoked Queso

2. The easiest smoked queso dip

3. Smoked chili con queso dip

4. Smoked queso dip in the Crockpot

5. Monterey Jack queso

6. 5-ingredient smoked queso – No Velveeta

7. Smoked chorizo queso dip

8. Smoked queso dip leftover brisket recipe

9. Fiesta smoked queso dip

10. Smoked queso blanco dip

11. Lighter TikTok Viral Smoked queso recipe

Are you trying to eat delicious meals with fewer calories than the ”normal” recipe? This lighter recipe will help you enjoy a nice smoked queso with little pressure. For more fitness-inspired recipes try some Remington James recipes, Will Tennyson recipes, Chris Heria recipes, or Josh Cortis recipes.

12. Slow cooker smoked queso dip

For more ideas of what to cook in the slow cooker, try some pulled pork recipes.

13. Easy keto smoked queso

A keto diet is excellent for losing weight, but we have to admit it is not exactly the easiest diet to adhere to. I always try to find recipes from different diets to make sure that everyone can enjoy delicious meals regardless of their preferences, diet, and restrictions. This version of smoked queso will be great for those of you who need keto ideas. More than this, you can always try some ground pork keto recipes I wrote about a few days ago.

14. Smoked turkey queso Italiano

15. Smoked queso con carne – Chef Eric recipe

16. Meaty smoked queso dip recipe

17. The Viral Oven „Smoked” queso dip

Smoked queso has become one of my staple go-tos for nachos, appetizers, and game nights. A simple sauce, but so rich in taste and flavor. Do you know other smoked queso recipes we could enjoy that are not listed here? Please let me know in the comments and I will make sure to add them.


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