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Salmon is one of the most delicious fish out there. It is versatile and leaves space for a lot of creativity. You can eat it raw (as in Sushi), marinated or cooked. The possibilities are practically limitless. Not to mention how high in healthy fats, such as Omega 3, and other nutrients salmon is. Sitka Salmon recipes are ideas for cooking the seafood bought from this particular company, but I am sure you can try them using salmon from other sources, as well. Just be creative!

What is Sitka Salmon Shares?

Sitka Salmon Shares is a subscription-based sustainable seafood delivery service. People pay an annual or monthly fee and receive a package of premium seafood every month. There are 3 subscription box options: premium, simple seafood and salmon. The premium subscription box also has a no-shellfish option.

The list of species you can receive in your package if you decide to subscribe to their products is wide and consists of Albacore Tuna, Coho Salmon, Dungeness Crab, Halibut, Keta Salmon, King Salmon, Pacific Cod, Sablefish (Black Cod), Sockeye Salmon and Spot Shrimp. Moreover, there is also an option of smoked pieces of fish, such as Hot Smoked Coho Salmon. According to their website, you can receive two of these species in your box every month. Subsequently, the fish you receive varies according to fishing and market conditions. Every month will be different.

Apart from salmon, you could find some varieties of black fish in your box (for example, the Sablefish). If you’d like some ideas on how to cook black fish, there are some good ones in my article Deliciously simple black fish recipes.

Sitka Salmon recipes

If you have the subscription and receive some salmon in your monthly box, these recipes will give you some great ideas about how to cook it fast and delicious.

  1. Lemon Basil Keta Salmon
Lemon and fish, a match made in heaven! How can this recipe not be delicious? I have no idea.

2. Crab-Crusted Salmon

A great combination, even though it is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about salmon. Of course, the recipe was invented by a subscriber to be shared with others. Thank you!

3. Spicy fish Taco Bowl with Cilantro Rice and Lime Crema

Fish bowls are a great way to eat a fresh meal with little effort. The beauty of this recipe is that you can use whatever fish you have on hand to make it. Amazing!

4. Pan Seared Salmon with Mediterranean Eggplant Orzo

The Mediterranean diet is known for its healthy, nutritious ingredients and meals that help people live a long, happy life. Fish is one of the most important ingredients in this diet, but so are vegetables. Lucky for us, they go great together.

5. Planked Sockeye Salmon with Maple Soy Glaze

Salmon is a very versatile fish. It goes well in any diet, with all kinds of spices and textures. This is a very good recipe for an Asian-inspired dish. Thus, if you are fond of soy, try this recipe and see if you like it for salmon-glazing.

6. Spicy Salmon-Avocado Hand Rolls

Salmon and avocado go so well together! Every sushi lover will tell you this is a great combination. Not to mention the health benefits! This particular recipe is easy to cook and assemble. Moreover, it can be a great recipe to cook along with your children as hand rolls are easy for them to make.

7. Gravlax Toasts with Shallot-Caper Relish

How about a Dutch-inspired recipe to share with your friends and family? Why is this recipe so special? Not only it is delicious and easy to make, but you can also prepare it a day before and assemble everything right before your guests arrive.

8. Ginger-Sesame Salmon Ceviche

Ginger and salmon go so well together. No wonder we tend to eat ginger as a side when we enjoy our sushi. We know! It is supposed to be used as a palate cleanser 🙂 Fortunately, this recipe allows us to enjoy as much ginger and salmon as we want.

9. Poached Salmon with Sauce Sandefjord

For those of you with a sensitive stomach, poaching is a great way to enjoy most foods. Lucky for you, salmon tastes great even poached, if you use a great sauce to compliment it. This recipe is perfect for summer dinners.

10. Salmon Crudo with Shallots, Lemon and Capers

I love Italian food and capere! “Crudo” means “raw”, so this recipe is for those who like to eat raw salmon. The taste pairs amazingly with capere and lemon and shallots. Impress your loved ones with a fresh, tasty way of eating salmon.

Salmon is a great fish to eat in any season. Try these recipes and see for yourself if you find them as delicious as me. If you are not a salmon person, maybe you will enjoy the other types of fish that come in the subscription box.


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