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Shakshuka, a flavorful and vibrant dish originating from North Africa, has gained widespread popularity in recent years. This savory and satisfying recipe combines poached eggs nestled in a rich tomato and pepper sauce, infused with aromatic herbs and spices. With its origins rooted in Tunisian and Moroccan cuisines, shakshuka recipes have become the “go-to” for a beloved breakfast and brunch option across the globe.

Since summer came around and June mornings are lovely on my balcony, I have been looking for new breakfast recipes that I can enjoy with my husband every day. Shakshuka and Turkish eggs recipes are at the top of my list. Fresh, full of flavor, and delicious, what more can you wish for?

Shakshuka recipes all your loved ones will enjoy

  1. Easy and traditional Shakshuka recipe

2. Shakshuka with feta cheese

3. Fridge raid Shakshuka

4. Healthy Green Shakshuka

5. Israeli Shakshuka

6. Easy Green Shakshuka

7. Easy One-pot Shakshuka

8. Spicy Chorizo Shakshuka

9. White bean Shakshuka with Feta

10. Easy single-serving Shakshuka


11. Gluten-free paleo healthy Shakshuka

12. Mexican Shakshuka recipe

You already know how much I love Mexican cuisine. I was very impressed when I found a Mexican-inspired Shakshuka recipe, and tried it immediately. It is delicious!

13. Spicy Shakshuka with Harissa

14. White bean Feta easy Shakshuka

15. Cheesy Green Shakshuka

16. Coconut curry easy Shakshuka

17. Vegan Shakshuka recipe

18. Beefed-up Shakshuka

19. Spicy fried potato Shakshuka with naan bread

20. Feta Chickpea Shakshuka

21. Indian-style Shakshuka

Indian cuisine is one of the most popular traditional cuisines around the world. Of course this is the case, as it is full of flavors and delicious. I was very happy to find this recipe, as I love trying surprising, new ideas every day.

22. Spaghetti squash Shakshuka

23. Spring greens Shakshuka

24. Easy Shakshuka

25. High-protein Shakshuka eggs with lentils

It makes me very happy to see high-protein options for all the dishes I look for. If you’re a person on a high-protein diet, you could also try some Josh Cortis recipes, Will Tennyson recipes, or James Remington recipes.

26. Shakshuka with Halloumi

27. Chipotle Shakshuka recipe

28. Green Tomatillo Shakshuka

29. Shakshuka with kale, mushrooms and Feta

30. Spiced eggplant Shakshuka

31. Italian Shakshuka

32. Shakshuka for one

33. High-protein Shakshuka

34. Spiced Shakshuka

35. Indian Breakfast Chicken Shakshuka

36. Kimchi Shakshuka

37. Shakshuka with Swiss chard pesto

38. Green Shakshuka with spinach

39. Merguez Shakshuka

40. Masala Shakshuka

41. Easy Shakshuka with mushrooms – One-pot meal

42. Roasted garlic and Roma Tomato Shakshuka

43. Shakshuka recipe with red enchilada sauce

44. High-protein vegan Shakshuka

45. Slow-cooker Shakshuka

46. Deluxe Shakshuka with spicy roasted potatoes and chickpeas

47. Mexican Chipotle Shakshuka

48. Jack Monroe’s Shakshuka

49. Vegan Tofu Shakshuka

50. Green Shakshuka with chard, zucchini and peas

51. Microwave Shakshuka

52. Pumpkin Shakshuka

53. Nadiya Hussain’s smoky spinach Shakshuka

54. Egyptian Shakshuka brunch

55. South African spiced Shakshuka

The beauty of shakshuka lies in its versatility. While the basic recipe includes eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and spices like cumin and paprika, variations abound. Some may add spinach, feta cheese, or olives to the mix, while others might incorporate exotic spices like harissa or sumac for an extra kick. Regardless of the specific ingredients, shakshuka is a delightful medley of flavors that satisfies both the palate and the eye.

Beyond its taste, shakshuka’s appeal lies in its simplicity. With a few staple ingredients and a single skillet, you can create a wholesome and delicious meal that is as visually stunning as it is easy to prepare. So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, shakshuka is a recipe worth exploring and enjoying. Let me know if you have more interesting recipes for me to add to my list!


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