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A good San Marzano tomato is like a slice of heaven. They are the most famous tomatoes in the world and, to be honest, 100% deserve the title. Whether you manage to grow them, buy them fresh, or use them canned, you will cook delicious San Marzano tomato recipes every time! I have bought some cans of San Marzano tomatoes from the local supermarket and wondered what else could I do with them besides pasta. Well, I was not disappointed. The lovely people who are great at cooking online have provided lots of ideas. I hope you will love them too!

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How to preserve San Marzano tomatoes?

For those of you who are lucky enough to grow or find fresh San Marzano tomatoes, I have found two delicious ways to preserve them for a longer time. It would be a shame to let them go to waste.

  1. Simple San Marzano tomato sauce

2. Roasted tomato sauce recipe with garlic

San Marzano tomato recipes to enjoy with your loved ones

Pasta, spaghetti, and risotto – San Marzano tomato recipes

  1. Spaghetti with San Marzano Tomato meat sauce

2. Fettucine with lamb bolognese sauce

3. Traditional Italian pasta al pomodoro

4. Dan Mancini of Mama Mancini’s Rigatoni with San Marzano Tomatoes

5. Risotto alla vodka

6. Tomato Artichoke Olive Pasta (Meatless)

7. Arrabiata sauce with Calabrian chili peppers

San Marzano tomato recipes for sauce

  1. Vegan Bolognese sauce

2. The best San Marzano Tomato sauce

3. Basic parmesan pomodoro

4. San Marzano Pizza Sauce

5. The Famous butter tomato sauce

Other San Marzano tomato recipes

  1. Italian Meatballs in a San Marzano Tomato Sauce

2. Chicken parmesan with Mostaciolli with San Marzano tomato sauce

3. Burrata and Oven-roasted San Marzano Tomato Bruschetta

4. Oven-baked chicken with San Marzano tomatoes

5. Roasted San Marzano tomatoes

6. The best San Marzano tomatoes Salsa

7. San Marzano tomato soup

8. Slow-roasted tomatoes with anchovies, capers and marjoram

9. Roasted red pepper tomato soup

10. Garlic olive and anchovy pizza with San Marzano tomatoes

If you have other delicious San Marzano tomato recipes to share with us, please let me know in the comments. I hope you will find some inspiration for your meals here!


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