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Georgie Radu
Georgie Radu
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Finding saluyot recipes is not an easy task. This particular ingredient is specific to few countries and has a big role in their traditional cuisine. Thus, most of the recipes I found are specific to Philippino and Egyptian ways of cooking. However, even though I would love to go there and try some authentic cuisine, for now, I just have to make it work my way. If you’d like to try some other authentic Philippino recipes, you can try some by Madiskarteng Nanay. I gathered here a list of all saluyot recipes I could find online. I hope you will find one for you if you need a new idea today. πŸ™‚

What is saluyot?

“Saluyot” is a word that represents the leaves of the Corchorus plant, widely known as jute. Jute fibers are used for making strong threads and ropes, but the leaves are a great ingredient for some traditional cuisines around the world. Apparently, they taste delicious when cooked properly, but can turn bitter if overcooked. Lucky us, these recipes will help everybody cook it correctly.

Besides tasting very good, apparently, saluyot has lots of health benefits:

  • it boosts immunity
  • helps improving eyesight
  • helps pregnant women and diabetics by protecting from oxidative stress
  • it has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties
  • it has antioxidant properties and enzyme detoxification activities
  • it is abundant in Magnesium, thus helping relax muscles
  • it has lots of Calcium, Vitamin K and Iron
  • it is rich in fibers, thus being great for our digestive system’s health, making us feel fuller and helping with digestion and weight loss (when needed).

Saluyot recipes to try

  1. Ginataang Saluyot Recipe
Ginataang is a traditional Philippino recipe that has a gelatinous consistency and is cooked with gatΓ’ (coconut milk). Adding saluyot to this mix makes it not only a delicious meal but also boosts its health properties.

2. Saluyot, Labong at Pritong Isda (Dinengdeng ng Ilocano)

Dinengdeng is a type of vegetable soup traditional to the Ilocano people from the Philippines. It has a specific ingredient known as bagoong monamon as a base. Some people can add fish to the recipe.

3. Dinengdeng na Saluyot with Tinapa

This is another way of making the traditional dinengdeng with saluyot. You are free to choose your ingredients to your liking :).

4. Saluyot at hipon (Jute leaves and shrimp soup)

Shrimp soup is a great way of eating seafood if you feel like it. Adding saluyot leaves changes the consistency of the soup, but adds taste and health benefits. Win-win!

5. Dinengdeng na Labong at Saluyot

Another variation of dinengdeng. I am looking forward to try them all!

6. Saluyot & Labong Bowl

Nowadays, bowls are more than a fashion. People really enjoy them and, why not, their health benefits. Being an interesting way of plating some basic ingredients, they help you eat a healthy meal without feeling like you made an effort.

7. Ginataang Labong with Saluyot (Bamboo Shoots in Coconut Milk with Jute Leaves)

Coconut milk is delicious and adds great flavor when used properly. Of course, as it is a basic ingredient in lots of traditional cuisines, whenever I see it I know the end result will taste delicious.

8. Saluyot Pasta with Sardine Sauce

Who would have known that you can add saluyot to pasta? If you don’t like eating leafy veggies, but would like to take advantage of all health benefits saluyot can bring, try eating them this way.

9. Law-Uy

Another type of soup, this time particular to the Visayas. I am sure it is just as delicious as dinengdeng! I will try it as soon as I can.

10. Ginisang saluyot

Ginisang means “sauteed”, so this recipe is sauteed saluyot. My grandmother used to eat lots of sauteed leafy greens. I have to admit, I do not like them. However, my taste should not stop you form trying this recipe and figuring it out for yourself.

11. Saluyot with boneless bangus

Apparently, saluyot goes very well with fish. There are lots of recipes combining these two ingredients for a very tasty result.

12. Ginataang puso ng Sagin with pork and Saluyot

If you liked the first version of ginataang, you could also give this one a try and see if you enjoy it just as much!

13. Inabraw recipe (Boiled vegetables with fried fish)

Fried fish is amazing not only because it tastes quite basic and goes well with anything, but also because you can easily pair it with some veggies and make a quick, healthy meal anytime. Add some saluyot to your veggies and raise the overall nutritional value easily!

14. Saluyot Fritters

I remember my mom making fritters all the time because it was almost the only way for me to eat veggies. It is true, mothers need to have a lot of creativity to feed their children. If you would like to add some saluyot to your diet but don’t really like the taste, try making some fritters. Maybe you will like them!

15. Laswa na may Puso ng Saging, Hipon, Saluyot at Papaya

A different way of enjoying shrimp and saluyot!

16. Saluyot & Buntiek (Soured saluyot stew with grilled mudfish)

If you’re tired of other recipes, try a stew. So easy to make and great for meal planning.

17. Saluyot a napakbet iti lubeg (Lubeg-soured saluyot stew)

Saluyot and lubeg are a great way to cook a delicious, nutritional meal for vegetarians/vegans and other veggie-lovers out there.

18. Bamboo Shoots with sardines and saluyot leaves

Sardines are not only one of the most nutritious fish out there but also one of the cheapest. This recipe is great for saving money while enjoying great food.

19. Pinangat na Saluyot

20. Pork Dinengdeng with Saluyot

Oh, wow, who would have thought that you can combine pork with saluyot and obtain a great meal? I am so glad I thought about posting all these recipes here. Apparently, saluyot is one of the most versatile veggie out there.

21. Bulanglang with fried fish

Another recipe with fried fish for those of us who will never not want to eat it. πŸ™‚

22. Dinengdeng na Bulaklak ng Kalabasa at Saluyot

If you’re tired of cooking florets with ricotta cheese in the traditional Italian way, try them with saluyot.

After reading all these recipes and seeing how versatile saluyot is, I wonder why it is not more popular throughout the whole world. People say these leaves have a taste that needs adjusting to, but the health benefits and versatility are great arguments in favor of trying them. Let me know if you enjoy them!


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