55 Romanesco recipes – a great alternative for cauliflower and broccoli!

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In this delightful gastronomic journey, we will explore a plethora of delectable Romanesco recipes that showcase its unique appearance and exquisite taste. From simple yet scrumptious roasted Romanesco with garlic and parmesan to enticing Romanesco gratin infused with herbs and creamy goodness, each dish is a testament to the vegetable’s versatility.

I am not one who likes cauliflower or broccoli, but I have to admit trying Romanesco was a surprise. This particular veggie went straight to my heart when I enjoyed it sauteed with butter, as a side dish. In that moment I was sure I have to write a list with recipes for everyone to try. So, if you’re like me, not a big fan of broccoli or cauliflower, give Romanesco a try.

What is Romanesco?

Romanesco, a captivating vegetable resembling an otherworldly creation, captivates food enthusiasts with its mesmerizing fractal pattern. Nestled between cauliflower and broccoli, this vibrantly green or vividly lime-hued marvel boasts a delightful, nutty flavor, making it a favorite among adventurous cooks and health-conscious individuals alike.

Romanesco recipes you can cook every day

  1. Roasted romanesco

2. Romanesco and parmesan

3. Roasted romanesco with honey sriracha glaze

4. Garlic and lemon roasted romanesco cauliflower

5. Creamy romanesco pasta with anchovies, raisins and pine nuts

6. Romanesco green curry

7. Roasted romanesco steaks

8. Pan-roasted romanesco with hazelnuts crispy bits

9. Roasted romanesco with paprika and parmesan

10. Roasted romanesco with Za’atar yogurt sauce

11. Sicilian romanesco recipe

12. Creamy romanesco zucchini soup

13. Savory romanesco cupcakes with carrots

14. Spicy sesame romanesco

15. Spicy roasted romanesco with lemon and capers

16. Creamy gnocchi in romanesco broccoli sauce

17. Roasted romanesco with romesco sauce

18. Mini Italian breakfast bake recipe with romanesco broccoli

19. Quiche with romanesco, spinach and roasted pumpkin seeds

20. Roasted romanesco dhansak

21. Simple-six ingredient pasta

22. Roasted romanesco with spiced garlic oil

23. Roasted romanesco arugula pasta

24. Roasted romanesco salad

25. Romanesco salad

26. Crispy halloumi with roasted romanesco recipe

27. Coconut cream soup with romanesco and roasted tofu

28. Romesco sauce

29. Romanesco nuggets with bbq dipping sauce

30. Cajun roasted romanesco cauliflower

31. Red curry romanesco

32. Romanesco cauliflower pasta with olives, capers and parsley

33. Romanesco broccoli maccheroni

34. Whole grilled romanesco with herb aioli

35. Broccolo romanesco, roman cauliflower with pasta

36. Spicy-sour romanesco

37. Strozzapreti with romanesco cauliflower, green olives and capers

38. Roasted romanesco with turmeric tahini sauce

39. Romanesco macaroni and cheese

40. Teriyaki romanesco and beet bowl

41. Salad of grilled romanesco and grapes

42. Romanesco and butternut squash pasta

43. Roasted romanesco with creamy Meyer lemon and sunflower seed dressing

44. Sauteed romanesco on flatbread

45. Whole roasted romanesco with cranberries and balsamic glaze

46. Orecchiette pasta and cauliflower with garlic breadcrumbs

47. Romanesco veggie meatballs

48. Vegan romanesco pizza with cashew cream, salsa verde and pine nuts

49. Roasted romanesco cauliflower with raisins and pine nuts

50. Sheet pan salmon with purple potatoes and romanesco

51. Roasted romanesco with polenta

52. Vegan linguine with romanesco, chickpeas and fennel

53. Roasted romanesco with pomegranates and tahini sauce

54. Romanesco cauliflower mash

55. Stir-fried romanesco and shishito peppers with chili bean paste and garlic

Whether you’re an experienced chef or a curious home cook, these Romanesco recipes are sure to inspire you to embrace its extraordinary allure and elevate your culinary endeavors to new, artistic heights. Get ready to indulge in a symphony of flavors, textures, and visual delights as we unlock the secrets of this extraordinary vegetable’s culinary potential. Especially for those who don’t like most veggies!


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