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When I am done watching all the videos from the pages I am subscribed to on Youtube, I like to click the little “New to me” button just to see what other people are posting in the hope of finding new interesting ideas. A few days ago I was doing just this and I stumbled upon some Remington James recipes. He is not the first fitness enthusiast with a Youtube channel I watch. I am quite interested in sports and healthy meals myself and I find fitness channels a great way to explore healthy meals.

What can I say? I was immediately drawn to his meal ideas. I find him to have a very healthy approach to fitness and the whole “diet culture” everybody is so into right now. His meals are highly nutritious, delicious and easy to cook. I like sports Youtubers who tell it like it is and Remington James seems to be genuinely interested in the wellbeing of his followers and clients.

Who is Remington James?

Remington James is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer living in Columbus, Ohio. He runs his own Youtube channel named after him where he posts videos on topics from the fitness world. He specializes in helping people lose weight, build stronger bodies and take a more positive action toward being happy and healthy. After being in a bad shape himself during high school and college, he discovered fitness and nutrition and changes his life completely. Now he tries to help as many people as he can achieve their dream bodies.

Remington James recipes

What I like most about Remington James’ Youtube channel is the diversity. He doesn’t only post recipes in a boring, sterile way to just check posting off the list for the day. Instead, he tries to give out advice, learn from his mistakes, debunk common weight loss myths and really resonate with his audience. He does not have an aggressive attitude towards people who struggle to get in shape and gives out an overall friendly and professional vibe. Not to mention how down-to-earth his recipes are. He tries to find low-calorie, healthy ways to cook the most delicious meals out there, even fast food!

Moreover, he organizes his cooking-related videos in playlists. This way it is easier and faster for anybody to find exactly what they need. Those fans who want to invest more with R.J. can purchase his cookbook or contact him for more information. Regardless, his Youtube channel is free and full of very interesting ideas for anybody to try.


  1. Anabolic breakfast quesadilla
Quesadillas are one of my favorite foods to make and eat, but sometimes I avoid them because they feel a bit too much for my stomach. This recipe though is an anabolic breakfast idea, which means that it has lots of protein and not so many calories. Not to mention how easy it is to take it with you and eat it on the way to work.

2. Anabolic breakfast burrito

Breakfast burritos are already a fashion in the Youtube world. You can find hundreds of ideas online. This particular recipe is an anabolic version, fit for those who need some high in protein foods to start their day. Nonetheless, all burritos are delicious. 🙂

3. Anabolic funfetti pancakes

I had no idea the word “funfetti” exists, not to mention the recipe for anabolic pancakes. What better way to start your day than with a healthy, colorful meal?

4. Bodybuilding cheesy bacon hash browns

If you don’t like sweet meals for breakfast, you can also find lots of savory ideas on the Youtube channel. Hash browns are delicious, and swapping the ones from McDonald’s with a home-made version is a better way to enjoy them.

5. Anabolic bacon breakfast pizza

Did someone say pizza for breakfast? Count me in!


  1. Anabolic cheeseburger and fries casserole
I love cheeseburgers, I love fries and I love casseroles! I feel like this recipe was invented for me 😀

2. Anabolic philly cheesesteaks

I must be honest, I have never been to Philadelphia to try an autentic Philly Cheesesteak. Regardless, I can bet this version is just as delicious.

3. Anabolic BBQ Chicken Pizza

I don’t know about you, but I am planning to eat the breakfast pizza for breakfast and this pizza for dinner this week. Wish me luck!

4. Low carb lasagna

There is a famous quote in Italy saying “You can eat pasta and pizza every day of the week and not gain weight if you eat lasagna only during the weekends”. Well, guess what. This lasagna recipe can be eaten every day!

5. Texas style smoked party wings

I love wings and I love love love smoked wings! Wether you try this recipe or use a Pit Boss smoker to cook your wings, the result will take you to Nirvana and back. You know it!


  1. Air Fryer bagels
The Air Fryer is such an easy tool to use! If you don’t have one yet, maybe it’s time to give yourself a gift and buy one. You can cook all sorts of delicious things in it and it is way easier to clean than a traditional oven. Just look at those bagels! They are so cute!

2. Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Yes, I agree. I generally do not like brussel sprouts. However, this is not the first air fryer brussel sprouts recipe I try and I have to admit: they are not that bad when cooked this way! Great as a snack, great as a side. You pick!

3. Air Fryer sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries are already a pillar of worldwide cooking. Like them or not, their nutritional value is not one to toy around with. If you want a very healthy way of cooking them, air frying is top!

You absolutely do not have to be on a diet to try these recipes or any recipes from fitness influencers. If you feel like you’d like to try something, just go for it! These recipes are healthy and delicious, and everybody can enjoy them however they see fit. Kudos for Remington James for sharing them with us!


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