Poke bowl recipes for every taste – choose tuna, chicken, salmon, veggies or shrimp

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Poke bowls are a new way of enjoying a colorful, tasty, and healthy bowl of ingredients. According to your taste, there are thousands of poke bowl recipes to choose from. As I have tried a few different ones around town lately, I have decided to cook some of them at home. In my online quest to find amazing recipes, I have compiled a great list of poke bowls for everyone to try. As you already know, I prefer to organize them according to the main ingredient: chicken poke bowls, tuna poke bowls, salmon poke bowls, shrimp poke bowls and vegetarian poke bowls. You can also find many other poke bowls ideas on Pinterest.

If you don’t really want a poke bowl and you’re just browsing for ideas, try some chicken and mushroom recipes, some fish fajitas, shrimp fajitas, or a traditional Mexican dish from Cooking con Claudia. When you are looking for a high-in-protein meal, I got you: Will Tennyson recipes, Remington James recipes, anabolic recipes or Josh Cortis recipes.

Poke bowl recipes

  1. Chicken poke bowl

2. Tuna poke bowl

Canned Tuna Poke Bowl

3. Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

4. Easy Hawaiian Poke Bowl with Spicy Aioli (fresh salmon or tuna)

5. California Sushi Bowls – with crab!

6. Shrimp poke bowl

7. Vegan Poke Bowl

Tofu Poke Bowl

8. Spiced pork poke bowl

9. Seared steak poke bowl

I had no idea steak poke bowls existed! I will definitely try this one soon.

Poke bowls are great not only because they have healthy, delicious, fresh ingredients, but also because they look great on the table. I am sure I would have eaten way more veggies if my mother had given me poke bowls when I was a kid. If you would like to share other amazing, delicious poke bowl recipes, feel free to write them in the comments and I will add them to the list!


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