Pink Whitney drink recipes – 26 ideas you will love to prepare this summer

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Georgie Radu
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Pink Whitney is a vibrant and flavorful drink that has gained tremendous popularity among cocktail enthusiasts and vodka lovers. Its distinctive pink hue and refreshing taste make it a standout choice for any party and celebration. With a smooth and balanced profile, all Pink Whitney drink recipes offer a tangy and sweet experience.

Created in collaboration between New Amsterdam Vodka and Barstool Sports, Pink Whitney is a delightful fusion of New Amsterdam Vodka and a mouthwatering pink lemonade flavor. Try it yourself and let me know how much you liked it!

I don’t often post articles about beverages here because I prefer writing about food over drinks, but from time to time I like sharing ideas with anyone interested. More articles about beverages:

What drinks can you make using Pink Whitney?

Of course, you can use your imagination and create new ideas whenever you feel creative. The possibilities are infinite! For now, I found recipes on how to make the following drinks:

  • shots
  • Jell-O shots
  • alcoholic cocktails
  • non-alcoholic cocktails
  • punch
  • Sangria
  • slush
  • mimosas
  • flirtinis

Pink Whitney drink recipes – pick your favorite!

  1. Pink Whitney shimmering jungle juice

2. Pink Whitheny drink recipe

3. Pink Whitney Cosmopolitan

4. Pink Vodka lemonade cocktail

5. Pink Whitney Punch

6. Pink Whitney starburst drink

7. Strawberry Pink Lemonade Vodka Cocktail

8. Pink Whitney Lemonade Martini

9. Pink Whitney Sangria

10. Non-alcoholic Pink Whitney Drink Recipe

11. Pink Whitney Limeade Drink

12. Pink Whitney Slush

13. Starburst Pink Whitney Slushie

14. Pink Whitney and Stela Rosa Pink Cocktail

15. Pink Whitney – Rita

16. Pink Lady Punch – Non-alcoholic beverage

17. Pink Whitney x Pineapple juice

18. New Amsterdam Pink Whitney frozen pink lemonade daiquiri

19. Pink Whitney Pink Starbucks Jello Shots

20. The Pink Man

21. Pink Starburst Shots

22. Pink Whitney White Claw Slush

23. Pink Whitney Hennessy Jello Shots

24. Pink Flirtini

25. Pink Whitney Mimosa

26. Starburst Hennessy Pink Whitney Daiquiri

With its smooth vodka base and irresistible pink lemonade flavor, Pink Whitney is a versatile and enjoyable addition to any home bar. So grab a bottle, get creative, and indulge in the delightful world of Pink Whitney cocktails. Cheers! Let me know if you have more ideas to add here and I will make sure to include them in my list!


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