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Pecorino Romano cheese is a flavorful and versatile ingredient that can elevate any dish with its tangy, salty taste. Moreover, it is a popular ingredient in many classic Italian recipes because of its origin. This hard cheese is perfect for grating and melting, making it an ideal addition to dishes such as carbonara, cacio e pepe, and other creamy pasta sauces. And you already know how much I love pasta! Who doesn’t? I have found so many amazing ideas I can’t even believe it. There are tens of delicious Pecorino Romano recipes that showcase the versatility and rich flavor of this beloved Italian cheese.

What is Pecorino Romano cheese?

Pecorino Romano is a hard, salty cheese made from sheep’s milk that has been produced in the Italian regions of Lazio, Sardinia, and Tuscany for over 2,000 years. This cheese is known for its distinctive sharp and tangy flavor, which makes it a popular ingredient in many traditional Italian dishes, including pasta dishes, soups, and salads.

This cheese is often used as a substitute for Parmesan cheese due to its similar texture and taste. Moreover, it is so versatile that it can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other ingredients, such as fruit, nuts, or cured meats.

Pecorino romano recipes for yourself, your family, and your friends

  1. Cacio e Pepe – the traditional recipe!

2. Spaghetti with black pepper and pecorino romano

3. Pecorino romano risotto

4. Rigatoni alla Gricia

5. Chicken with pecorino cream sauce – Taste of Tuscany Recipe

6. Asparagus risotto

7. Pasta alla Norcina – Velvety and Decadent – Sip and Feast

8. Pecorino romano oven-baked potatoes

9. Pasta amatriciana – authentic Italian recipe

10. 3-ingredient authentic cacio e pepe

11. Pecorino romano crisps with thyme

12. Focaccia studded with salami and pecorino romano cheese

13. Pasta alla genovese


14. Crusted chicken romano

15. Pasta alla gricia – authentic Italian recipe

16. Cauliflower cake with pecorino romano and sweet basil

17. Escarole salad with pecorino romano

18. The best pizza bianca

19. Spaghetti carbonara – traditional Italian recipe

20. Mushroom Garlic spaghetti – fast and easy


21. Fettuccine with walnuts, zucchini, ribbons and pecorino romano

22. Pecorino romano and parmesan asparagus tart

23. Tripa alla romana

24. Spicy Nduja pasta

25. Creamy parmesan polenta

26. Parmesaj garlic lamb chops

27. Risotto de Calabaza de Otono con pecorino romano

28. Artichoke and pecorino romano tapenade

29. Slow Cooker mushroom ragout with porcini powder

30. Eggplant rollatini – the best version

31. Roasted red pepper pesto

32. Polpette al forno al pecorino romano

33. Rigatoni con calamari, pomodorini e pecorino romano

34. Everything parmesan-pecorino savory shortbread

35. Pecorino romano and rosemary cookies

36. Stir-fried dandelions and potatoes with cheese

37. Artichoke carbonara

38. Spaghettoni ala Nicolina – Caramelized zucchini and pecorino romano

39. Cacio e Pepe churros

40. Baked pasta with sausage and spinach

41. Broccoli pizza with provolone, mozzarella and pecorino romano

42. Pasta e piselli (peas)

43. Rigatone in crema di carciofo sardo e pecorino romano

44. Crockpot chicken spaghetti

45. Crockpot cheesy chicken spaghetti

46. Copycat Olive Garden Alfredo sauce

47. Pasta al Tonno con zenzero e pecorino, al profumo di limone

48. Slow cooker beef and noodles

49. Lasagne di carbonara

50. Risotto con carciofi e pecorino

Do you know other Pecorino Romano recipes that I did not include in my list? Please let me know in the comments. I will make sure to add them to the article.


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