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Georgie Radu
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In my quest of finding great, genuine people cooking on Youtube I stumbled upon this very nice lady with 1.41 million subscribers. Where is the catch? She doesn’t speak English!!! Can you imagine how delicious her recipes are if she managed to gather more than 1 million subscribers without speaking English? I was sure I was going to be amazed by her. Fortunately for me, the ingredients for Madiskarteng Nanay’s recipes are written in English under every video. Curious by nature, I tried some of her ideas. I have to admit, I am adding her to my Youtube list of favorites next to Rachel cooks with love, Gina Young recipes, and Brenda Gantt recipes.

Who is Madiskarteng Nanay?

After watching a few of her videos I tried finding more information about this sweet lady who gave me so many great recipes to try. All we know is that she is from the Philippines and joined Youtube on the 30th of July 2019. Exactly 3 years ago! She has more than 1.4 million subscribers and more than 121 million views on her channel. She likes keeping things simple and her recipes straight to the point. If you enjoy Filipino cuisine, her channel has hundreds of recipes for you to enjoy. Moreover, you can also find some ideas for traditional, delicious Western recipes.

Madiskarteng Nanay recipes to enjoy

  1. Peach and Mango Turon
Turon is a traditional Filipino sweet snack that everybody loves. From now on, it is one of my favorites, too!

2. Chicken Pastil

A complete dish, very easy to cook. If you don’t want it very spicy you can always reduce the amount of Paprika that you add to the chicken.

3. Sweet and spicy dried dilis

Dilis are a type of fish we also enjoy in my country. Our traditional method of cooking them involves frying the fish and adding some garlic sauce. I had no idea how delicious they can be cooked with sweet and spicy ingredients.

4. Pork BBQ combo

I liked this recipe because she shows us how to use the air fryer to get delicious bbq pork. As it is summertime and the temperatures are so high right now, I have been using my oven as little as I can. Right now I prefer using the air fryer as much as I can as it makes less heat inside the kitchen. I was very scared to cook pork meat in the air fryer but after trying it once or twice it got way easier.

5. Easy recipe for waffles

I just love how many recipes she has for desserts! I love each and every one of her ideas and I will try them all.

6. Chicken Asado baked Siopao

This was one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life. It is not a very simple recipe, but the result is amazing. Also, they are great to pack for school, work or trips.

7. Sweet and sour fish fillet

I have to admit, the words “sweet and sour” make me very happy. 🙂 When I find a recipe with these words in the title, I have to try it. I did, and it was actually more than I expected. If you want a great recipe for summer, not very heavy on the stomach but still filling, this is it!

8. Chewy chocolate cookies

These cookies taste as delicious as coming out of my mother’s hands! Hands down! I love them. The recipe is very easy and the result is just as promised – chewy!

9. Lingua de Gato (Cat’s tongue cookies)

When I saw this recipe I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is the exact type of cookie my grandmother and mother used to cook when I was little, and I live nowhere near the Philippines. How amazing! It brought back so many memories.

10. Smoke Chicken Tinapa

Were you looking for a new way to cook a whole chicken? I found it! It is very impressive how a simple chicken can get so full of flavor with so little effort. Cook this recipe for friends or family, they will love it!

I am definitely on a quest of finding amazing cooks on Youtube that inspire me. All the ladies I found until now have brought something new to my recipes book and I can only thank them and appreciate their efforts. Let me know if you have other great cooking Youtubers I can check out!


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