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Indulge your taste buds in a symphony of sweet and exotic flavors with an exploration of lychee recipes (just like I did!). Originating from the subtropical regions of Asia, the luscious lychee fruit has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide with its delicate, aromatic profile and juicy, translucent flesh. With this list of lychee recipes, I have unlocked the full potential of this delectable fruit, showcasing its versatility in both savory and sweet dishes. We got it all, people!

From refreshing lychee cocktails that add a tropical twist to your gatherings, to sumptuous lychee desserts that elevate your culinary repertoire, this collection of recipes promises to tantalize your senses. Whether you’re seeking innovative ideas or just looking to impress, this selection of lychee-infused creations will provide endless inspiration. Impress your loved ones and become the life of the party with a recipe that will not be copied very soon.

Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure as we dive into the world of lychee, where every bite offers a burst of exotic sweetness and every dish is a celebration of its unique flavor profile!

What are lychee fruits?

Lychee fruits, scientifically known as Litchi chinensis, are small, round to oval-shaped fruits native to the subtropical and tropical regions of Asia. They belong to the soapberry family, Sapindaceae. Lychees are renowned for their sweet and fragrant taste, making them a popular and exotic treat. We didn’t really have tropical fruits in my country as I grew up (ok, maybe bananas), so now I am very keen on trying them all as I find them at the supermarket.

Key characteristics of lychee fruits include:

  1. Appearance: Lychees have a rough, textured skin that is typically pinkish-red to reddish-brown when ripe. The skin is inedible and needs to be peeled to access the flesh.
  2. Flesh: Once you peel the skin, you’ll find juicy, translucent, and white to pinkish flesh. The flesh surrounds a large, inedible seed. It has a sweet, floral, and slightly tart flavor that is often described as a combination of grapes and strawberries.
  3. Size: Lychees are typically small, about 1 to 2 inches in diameter.
  4. Season: Lychees are a seasonal fruit and are usually harvested in late spring to early summer, depending on the region.
  5. Nutritional Value: Lychees are a good source of vitamin C and contain small amounts of various vitamins and minerals. They are also relatively low in calories.

Lychees can be enjoyed fresh as a snack or incorporated into a wide range of culinary creations, including desserts, salads, sauces, and beverages. They are a beloved fruit in many Asian cuisines and have gained popularity worldwide for their unique and delightful flavor. And now they are very popular in my list of recipes!

Lychee recipes for the whole year

Lychee recipes for ice cream and sorbet

  1. Lychee ice cream

2. Lychee ice cream

3. Lychee sorbet

4. Oprah’s lychee sorbet recipe

5. Lychee and raspberry popsicles

6. Lychee coconut sorbet

7. Lychee frozen yogurt recipe

8. Lychee and lime sorbet

Refreshing drinks

  1. Lychee lemonade

2. Homemade lychee syrup

3. Sweet tea lychee

4. Lychee smoothie

5. Homemade lychee soda

6. Sparkling lychee cocktail

7. Lychee milk tea

8. Watermelon lychee smoothie

9. Coconut lychee smoothie

10. Lychee mocktail

11. How to make lychee jelly boba

12. Lychee soda

13. Lychee margarita

14. Sakura lychee fizz

15. Lychee slush

16. Lychee Sangria

17. Lychee milkshake

18. Lychee ginger granita

19. Lychee and cucumber fizz

20. Basil lychee ice pops

Desserts with lychee fruits

  1. Lychee agar-agar jelly

2. Lychee jam

3. Lychee panna cotta with strawberries

4. Lychee shrub

5. Refreshing lychee pudding

6. Lychee coconut jelly cream puffs

7. Lychee coconut jelly

8. Mango lychee pudding

9. Soft and moist lychee cake

10. Lychee melting moments

11. Sugar-free lychee nut freezer jam

12. Lychee cupcakes with lychee rose buttercream

13. Lychee cupcakes

14. Homemade lychee jelly

15. Raspberry lychee rose babka

16. Eggless lime custards with lychees

17. Lychee rose cake

18. Lychee rice pudding

19. Lychee martini jelly shots

20. Creamy buko lychee salad recipe

21. Lychee and banana fritters


22. No-bake lychee raspberry cheesecake eggless and without oven

23. Lychee raspberry cheesecake choux puffs

24. Lychee almond chiffon cake

25. Lychee rose panna cotta

26. Lychee and lime cheesecake

27. Lime and lychee bundt cake

28. Lychee rose cupcakes

29. Ispahan cupcakes – Lychee-rose cupcakes with raspberry meringue buttercream

30. Stuffed lychee

31. Strawberry-lychee jam

32. Passion fruit and lychee cheesecake

33. Macadamia stuffed lychees with port wine

34. Raspberry and lychee curd tards with crystallized rose petal meringue

35. Lychee raspberry rose linzer cookies

Savoury lychee recipes

  1. Lychee salsa

2. Lychee ceviche

3. Lychee sweet and sour pork

4. Thai mango lychee salad

5. Chicken-lychee satay with peanut sauce

In conclusion, lychees are the secret ingredient to infuse your culinary adventures with a touch of exotic sweetness. From refreshing cocktails to divine desserts, these luscious fruits have shown us their incredible versatility. With each lychee-inspired dish, you embark on a journey of taste that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Let me know if you have other lychee recipes for me to add to my list!


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