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Yesterday I found a bag of jicama wraps in a supermarket and had no idea what they are, or what I can do with them. Thankfully, the Internet did not disappoint. I was happy to find out that I can use them to cook lots of main dishes, as well as snacks. Of course, I plan to try as many jicama wraps recipes as I can in the next weeks. If you like them as much as I do, here are some ideas for your future cooking that you will love!

What is a Jicama?

A jicama is a type of vegetable that looks like a root but is categorized as a bean. It is a veggie commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Most often people eat it raw, covered in lemon or lime juice and chili powder. However, there are many ways to enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional value of this cute veggie.

How to make your own Jicama wraps at home – jicama wraps recipes

Jicama wraps recipes for every day

Jicama tacos

  1. Plant-based jicama tacos

2. Jicama jackfruit tacos

3. Buffalo chicken tacos

4. Breakfast tacos with jicama tortillas

5. Shrimp tacos with avocado crema

6. Easy green goddess chicken jicama taco

7. Chipotle shrimp jicama tacos with pineapple salsa

8. Jicama wrap tacos with hummus and veggies

9. Shrimp jicama tacos with mango sesame slaw

10. Thai-inspired jicama tacos

11. Crunchy street corn and jicama tacos with garlic lime mayo

12. 5-minute jicama-wrapped tacos

13. Jicama-wrapped beef tacos with anjou pears

14. Salmon tacos with chipotle cream sauce

15. Trader Joe’s inspired green goddess chicken jicama taco

16. Tropical salmon jicama tacos with papaya-avocado salsa

Jicama rolls – jicama wraps recipes

  1. Homemade Popiah Medan (fresh spring rolls with jicama)

2. Jicama wrap wontons

3. Jicama wrap and guacamole

4. Jicama spring rolls

5. Jicama wraps with chickpea salad + hot sauce

6. Jicama wrap and guacamole appetizer recipe

7. Jicama chicken enchiladas

8. Jicama wrapped short ribs with Asian pear slaw

9. Spicy tuna jicama wraps

Let me know if you like these recipes or if you know other cooking ideas for jicama wraps! I look forward to reading your comments and finding out more about this lovely veggie.


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