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25 HBO Max Selena recipes – Favorite Selena + Chef ideas

caesar salad

Guys, I found a lovely cooking show I had no idea existed. It’s hosted by Selena Gomez on HBO Max and I cannot get enough of it! Selena Gomez is one of my favorite stars from childhood and I used to watch her shows when I was little. My soul felt so warm when I saw her cooking show! Naturally, I looked up the recipes and found many of them written! How convenient! So, here you go, a list of HBO Max Selena recipes. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

These are not all the recipes on the show, so go and watch the episodes if you would like to see more cooking and have a great time :). There are currently 4 seasons and each episode has around 20 minutes. Perfect!

Hbo Max Selena recipes list

1. Graham’s signature Caesar Salad

2. Roy Choi’s Korean BBQ Short Rib breakfast tacos

I love short ribs. They are one of my favorite cuts of meat, so tender and juicy. If you prefer a smoked alternative, try cooking short ribs in the smoker.

3. Joy and Vinny’s chicken dinner

Oven chicken is one of the easiest and most delicious meats to cook. In just one hour, you have a great dinner for yourself and your loved ones (AND leftovers). There are many ways to cook a chicken. Another delicious way is cooking chicken in the smoker or slow-cooking a chicken in the Instant Pot.

4. Marcus’ Honey mustard glazed salmon radicchio bulgur salad and miso broth

For more delicious salmon alternatives, try one of these 10 salmon recipes I collected a while ago.

5. Aarti’s Cranberry chutney

6. Jordan’s Chicken adobo with jasmine rice

7. JJ’s Seafood gumbo

8. Jose’s Pan con tomate with Jamon Iberico

9. Kelis’ Oxtail poutine with yucca and fresh farm herbs

10. Marcela’s Shredded chicken mole tacos

11. Antonia’s Seafood tostada

Ohhh, how much I love eating seafood (particularly shrimp!)! I have so many recipes on the theme if you need other ideas: shrimp and salmon pasta, shrimp fajitas, and shrimp poke bowls.

12. Curtis’ Gwen key lime parfaits

13. Curtis’ Steak sandwiches with caramelized onions and cheddar

14. Evan’s Ragu Bolognese

15. Jose’s Tichi’s gazpacho

16. Daniel’s Chicken meatballs

17. Angelo’s Baja-style fried rice

18. Ludo’s French omelette

19. Candice’s Spicy miso ramen

20. Nanci Silverton’s Braised Leeks

21. Nyesha’s Dog biscuits and glaze

22. Nana’s cheesy chicken tortilla chip casserole

23. Esther Choi’s Korean BBQ and Karaoke night

24. Jose’s “New way” omelet

25. Graham’s Graham burger

I agree, these recipes are not exactly the easiest. However, you can always watch the show and learn everything at a slower pace. I know they are worth it in the end! Let me know if you try any of them!



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