31 Glucose Goddess recipes inspiration – easy savory breakfast ideas you will love every day of the month!

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The Glucose Goddess Method is a newly discovered approach to managing and optimizing blood sugar levels for improved health and well-being. It is centered around the understanding that stable blood sugar levels play a crucial role in maintaining overall health, energy levels, and weight management. The method combines evidence-based strategies from nutrition, lifestyle, and mindful eating practices to support individuals in achieving balanced blood sugar levels throughout the day. There are many tips you can try, and Jessie Inchauspe’s Instagram account and books are excellent resources to learn everything about her discovery. In the meanwhile, I have gathered here a list of Glucose Goddess recipes inspiration for delicious, glucose-stable breakfasts. Feel free to get inspired!

If you really don’t know what to enjoy for breakfast this week, you are in great luck. I love breakfasts so much, that I have a whole blog section dedicated to them. Try one of these delicious breakfast ideas and see for yourself.

Who is The Glucose Goddess?

Jessie Inchauspe is a biochemist who has developed strategies for balancing sugar levels throughout the day. She is very knowledgeable in glucose metabolism and uses pertinent research to back her words. You can listen to her opinions and research results here:

Glucose Goddess recipes – inspiration for everyday savory breakfasts

  1. Easy Mexican omelette
What can be easier to cook than a simple omelet? When I first learned that a delicious omelet can be the secret to no glucose spikes and less hunger all day long, I was hooked.
Moreover, you know how we love ourselves a nice touch of Mexican cuisine on this blog :). If you’d like more ideas, try some Claudia Regalado authentic recipes.

2. Spinach and Feta muffins

I have been TRYING to fit more spinach into my diet as I don’t particularly like its taste (you know I have trouble with veggies), but really enjoy the overall feeling after eating it. Mixing spinach with feta cheese is one of the best ways to hide its taste. For years I have only been mixing it in my smoothies, but now I will definitely try some muffins (great for an on-the-go breakfast, also). If you’d like more ways of including spinach in your diet, I gathered a very good list of (canned) spinach recipes.

3. Shakshuka

Ohhhh, I feel like everybody is talking about shakshuka lately. Lucky you, find more than 50 delicious shakshuka recipes on my list!

4. Mushroom and goat cheese frittata

5. Savory Cottage Cheese Bowls

6. Broccoli and cheese breakfast muffins

7. Breakfast egg muffins 3 ways

8. Simple Turkish eggs

Love Turkish eggs? Of course I have a list! Try one of these 30 Turkish eggs recipes and have a delicious breakfast without glucose spikes!

9. Savory Breakfast Bowl

10. Make ahead breakfast bowls

11. Mediterranean breakfast bowl

12. Farmers market omelet with spinach

13. Egg-stuffed breakfast peppers

14. Korean Vegetable pancakes

15. Zucchini carrot pancakes

16. Cauliflower rice breakfast bowl

17. Herby pesto + spiralized zucchini egg nests

18. Veggie-loaded breakfast casserole

19. Crustless garden vegetable quiche

20. Veggie-filled vegan frittata

21. Migas – Mexican scrambled eggs

22. Cottage Cheese egg bake

23. Spinach and feta scrambled eggs

24. High protein enchilada scrambled eggs

25. Breakfast egg crepes with avocados

26. Savory Greek Yogurt Bowl

27. Breakfast salad

28. Breakfast salad

29. Smoked salmon frittata

30. Easy salmon patties


31. Creamy avocado egg salad with crispy bacon

Get your inspiration every day of the month! Of course, you can just mix and match ingredients in these recipes to adapt them to your way of eating, regardless of your diet. The most important thing, if you want to eat a Glucose Goddess inspired meal, is to eat a savory breakfast and enjoy the carbs at the end.



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