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Georgie Radu
Georgie Radu
I am a medical microbiologist who loves delicious food, writing and lists. :)

Gina Young is another food vlogger I discovered in my quest for deliciousness. She is just amazing in front of the camera and gives some „big sister” vibes that I love. The food she decides to cook makes me feel like she is inside my head, picking out everything I want to eat before I even think about it.

Who is Gina Young?

As per her own Youtube channel description, Gina Young is a lady who loves food. Her passion for cooking prompted her to start a Youtube channel – In The Kitchen with Gina Young. This is her way of sharing her food with the world. She loves all international cuisines and cooks everything with a lot of passion and love.

Another thing that I like about her is that she learned to cook from her father and grandmother. This is the type of recipe I always look for. There is just something about recipes that were passed on from generation to generation, and Gina seems like a person who respects family and legacy. Also, she states that her channel is for beginners. I find this lovely as she is indeed a great teacher for those of us who are better eaters than cooks :).

What makes Gina Young a special cook

Another thing that I loved about Gina is that she strives to communicate with her audience in other ways than just cooking videos. You will find real-life videos on her channel (such as grocery hauls and videos about her getting her braces off), as well as live Q&As and videos about her dog. Just like Rachel cooks with love, she is a very friendly vlogger and seems genuine and authentic in front of the camera. Each and every one of her videos starts with a contagious, enthusiastic „Hi, everybody!” that just makes your day better.

Moreover, her cooking videos playlists group together foods according to the culture from where they were taken/inspired. I find this sensitive and respectful. This way, it is very easy to find a recipe you crave from a specific culture. For example, there is a playlist called „Italian” for those who would like to cook some delicious spaghetti. Great idea!

Who is Gina Young married to?

On the Internet, family life should always be as private as someone feels, and Gina has not shown a lot of her husband on the channel. However, there are some videos where he appears and is named “Mr. Young”. His first name is unknown at the moment. He seems like a very nice man and Gina looks very happy in his company. I wish them all the best! 🙂

Cooking with Gina Young

I tried some of her recipes and I must admit I loved each and every bite. Even though I did not have time to cook all the things I would like to eat from her channel, I will make a list here for all of us who want to try some Gina Young recipes. 

Mexican foods 

  • Easy delicious tacos 
Everybody loves tacos! However, it is not always easy to balance the different tastes in a shell. I find this recipe deliciously well-balanced and easy to make.
  • Easy Shrimp Taco Recipe
For those of you who don’t like red meats or chicken, shrimp tacos are a great option. For those of us who also love red meats and chicken, shrimp tacos are just a nice surprise! I fit in the second category, how about you?
  • Fresh Guacamole and Corn Tortilla Chips
Honestly, I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like fresh guacamole and chips. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. What I know is that this recipe quickly became my husband’s favorite and I enjoy it just as much as he.
  • Easy Steak Fajitas
Fajitas was a recipe I always postponed because it seemed very hard to cook, especially for an amateur cook such as myself. I will try this recipe and see what happens. Maybe I will not make it excellent on the first try, but I am sure I will get it on the second one, regardless.
  • Beef Enchiladas for the Super Bowl
We don’t have a Super Bowl where I’m from, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the delicious food Americans love so much. Honestly, I am a little sad we don’t have such a beautiful tradition here, but I do my best with what I have and love these enchiladas whenever I get the chance to prepare them.

Italian foods 

  • Bolognese sauce for pasta 
Bolognese pasta is a very easy dinner idea. I usually cook it according to an old recipe I found online when I was in high school, but I am very interested in changing it. Gina’s way of cooking looks delicious, I will give it a try.
  • Creamy Shrimp Risotto
My husband lived for 10 years in Italy and, according to him, I make awful risotto. I just feel like a non-Italian non-chef person will never cook as good risotto as an Italian likes. No worries, I love my risotto and I will continue to enjoy it regardless. This recipe look delicious, I will give it a try soon.
  • Beef a roni
I just feel like beef, red sauce and pasta were paired in heaven. There is nothing more delicious and easier to cook than pasta with red sauce and beef. I used to have this a few times a week in med school. It was very fast to cook, delicious and full of all necessary nutrients. Not to mention, it helped me get great grades in all my exams.
  • Amazing Chicken Cacciatore
I tried chicken cacciatore at a restaurant once and I enjoyed it. This is why I decided to include Gina’s recipe for it on this list. You’d think the home-cooked version will not be as good, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Holiday Lasagna Rollups 
There is nothing to add to a Lasagna recipe. I have yet to taste a not-delicious lasagna. Case closed. 😀

Chicken recipes 

  • Chicken Parmesan 
Another classic recipe that will never disappoint. Even though it seems very easy to cook at a first glance, not everybody can retain the juicyness. Gina’s recipe is exquisite, the results are amazing.
  • Crispy Fried Chicken
Crispy fried chicken is a dish that will always remember me of my grandma. There was a time in my childhood when I was a bit of a picky eater, and fried chicken was on my list of favorite foods. She would just go above and beyond to cook it for me this way. Grandmas are the best!
  • Fettucine Chicken Alfredo
Do you have some guests coming over and are in the need of a fast, delicious, not very complicated chicken recipe? Search no more, this is the one! Pair it with a salad and everybody will enjoy the nice dinner and appreciate your effort.
  • Chicken Egg Foo Young 
You will laugh at me, but I tried this recipe for breakfast one day and I really enjoyed it. I had some eggs and leftover rice, I just did what I had to do. Hey, it’s a personal blog, I can be as honest as I want here. 🙂
  • Barbecue chicken wings 
If I ever eat a 10-course meal and I am on the verge of exploding, if you offer me some barbecue chicken wings, I WILL EAT THEM. This is how much I love barbecue chicken wings. Also, this recipe feels like it was invented by angels.

Fish and seafood recipes 

  • Shrimp and linguine 
The weird thing is that I used to hate shrimp growing up. 4 years ago I tried them in Greece and suddenly developed a wild passion for all shrimp-containing dishes. Pasta and shrimp? I’ll take two, please!
  • Fried fish the right way
The only person I know who can make great fried fish is my grandma. Now, with the help of Gina Young, I can also cook fried fish the right way. Many thanks!
  • Gina Young Salmon patties 
I like patties, no matter what they are made from. I used to watch Spongebob when I was little and crave the patties he used to cook, but as I got older I like to try different, healthier versions. Salmon patties have a very interesting, fresh taste. I like pairing them with a fresh salad.
  • Tuna Pasta Salad 
A great recipe for summer. The ingredients are fresh, healthy and the result is very tasty. I like making a big batch and storing it in the kitchen. I cannot use the oven for lunch as the summer heat is already hard to manage, so I prefer eating a portion of this delicious salad. Win-win!

FishStick Burritos

My husband loves burritos. Unfortunately, there are no Mexican restaurants or even a Chipotle in our town. We have to travel to other countries to enjoy a good quality burrito. Thankfully, this recipe is very tasty. I will include it in our meals rotation.


  • 2 ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge
Fudge is not a traditional home-cooked dessert where I come from, but after trying this recipe I will be making it for my family every time I crave a sticky, sweet, healthy bar.
  • Oreo Cake 
I am a simple lady – I hear “oreo cake”, I have to cook it. Delicious!
  • Pound Cake 
Pound cake, just like banana cake, is great to take in your bag to enjoy during the day. It will keep its shape and texture and will remain delicious nonetheless.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
A strawberry cheesecake is the perfect dessert for summer. I cook it as often as I can, mostly when the temperatures are so hot I cannot use the oven. It can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed for a few days. Perfect!
  • Fried Caramel Apple Pie 
Fried. Caramel. Apple Pie. Bye, bye diet!

Quick meals – a playlist with 876 Gina Young recipes 

  • Pork Chops 
Sometimes I am so tired all I can cook in the evening is something plain and simple. Honestly, pork chops are that type of food that you cook today and eat it for dinner tomorrow without any problem. Everybody loves it.
  • Simple Salad 
The word “simple” sounds like magic for me. There are some hot days in the summer when my day at the hospital is hard and full. When I come home, a salad is all I crave. Thankfully there are many simple recipes of simple salads out there. I will add this one on my list, for sure.
  • Chicken Chow Mein
The Chicken Chow Mein is on my list for dinner one of these evenings. I don’t always have to courage to try something that seems to be complicated at a first glare, but I will try Gina Young’s Chicken Chow Mein and see how I manage. Fingers crossed!
  • Barbecue Shrimp 
Barbecue shrimp is a type of special food for me. I don’t really eat shrimp that much, but when I do I like making it a special meal. This simple recipe allows me to eat something special without much effort. I recommend it!
  • Egg Salad 
Egg salad is such a versatile recipe. I usually cook it once a week and eat it for breakfast for 2-3 days afterward. It has protein from the egg, healthy fats and also healthy carbs from the potatoes. What more can you wish for?

She has so many recipes, the hardest part is choosing which one I would like to cook today. After trying some of them I know that her ideas are very good and, apparently, her 947k followers at the moment think the same. You just have to try some of the recipes to see for yourself!


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