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Georgie Radu
Georgie Radu
I am a medical microbiologist who loves delicious food, writing and lists. :)

Eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day is not exactly the easiest thing to do. However, fruits are easier to eat and enjoy than veggies (at least for me). I am on a permanent quest to find new, delicious recipes to include fruits (or veggies) in my daily diet. Thus, here is a quick list of my latest fruit bowl recipes. The best part? A fruit bowl is very easy to eat at home or to pack at work for a later snack.

Fruit bowls are not the only way you can savor fruits and include them in your diet. On ExquisiteRecipes you can find many delicious ways to cook them. If you’re planning to buy some exotic ones from the market this week, I have just the ideas for you: lychee recipes, mangosteen recipes, rambutan recipes, or dragon fruit recipes. If fruit bowls are not your thing, but like bowl recipes in general, try one of the poke bowl recipes in my collection.

Fruit bowl recipes, excellent for breakfast or a quick snack during the day

  1. Mango smoothie bowl

2. Pink passion fruit yogurt parfait bowl

3. Fruit salad with Greek yogurt dressing

4. Dragonfruit smoothie bowl

5. Triple berry smoothie bowl

6. Acai bowl recipe

7. Plum salad

8. Strawberry mango smoothie bowls

9. Blueberry banana smoothie bowl

10. Sticky cinnamon fig & yoghurt breakfast bowls

11. Carrot cake smoothie bowl

12. Green smoothie bowl recipe

13. Strawberry kiwi smoothie bowl

14. Fruit and honey breakfast power bowl

15. Thick and creamy peach pie smoothie bowl

16. Purple fruit salad

17. Breakfast Buddha bowl

18. Apple pie smoothie bowls

19. Roasted peach yogurt bowls

20. Winter fruit and yogurt breakfast bowls and gingerbread granola


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