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Sometimes I research new recipes and nice people cooking on Instagram, and sometimes I find them on Facebook. Easy to cook, easy to share. I have recently found Emma Lou, a lovely lady who is passionate about fashion and cooking. The best thing? She shares recipes and cooking advice about my favorite types of meals ever: desserts and comfort food. You can enjoy Emma Lous boutique recipes every day if you want, but for me, they are perfect to enjoy as a snack when I feel like eating something comforting.

There are also many other lovely people sharing their recipes and cooking advice on Youtube or Facebook. I made it a habit to post their recipes on the blog so that everyone can enjoy them:

Emma Lou’s Boutique recipes – Desserts

1. The easiest pound cake recipe – Emma Lous boutique recipes

2. 7up biscuits – Popeyes biscuits

3. Brownies

4. Pumpkin Bars


5. Chocolate chip cherry cookies

Comfort food – Emma Lou’s boutique recipes

1. Easiest chicken for soft tacos

2. Crunchy ramen salad – Emma Lous boutique recipes

3. Cuban pork in the crock pot

4. Macaroni and cheese

5. Homemade enchiladas

6. Easy Korean Beef dinner recipe – Emma Lous boutique recipes

7. Marry Me Chicken recipe – Emma Lous boutique recipes

8. Coconut dip

9. Campfire queso – Emma Lous boutique recipes

10. Protein french toast – Emma Lous boutique recipes

French toast is one of the easiest and most delicious breakfasts you can prepare. If it has more protein in it, the better. If you’re a fan of high-protein meals, you could also try some recipes from Remington James.

Did you know Emma Lou before reading about her here on the blog? Do you follow her on Facebook? Let me know in the comments if you would like to add other recipes from her to my list and I will share them with everyone else! 🙂


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