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As you might know, if you have been reading my articles, I am not exactly the biggest fan of vegetables. However, they are healthy and I am always trying to find new, delicious ways to integrate them into my meals without making it obvious (I know, I am just like a toddler). Lucky me, if I ever have toddlers, I have hundreds of ways to hide vegetables in day-to-day meals. In my quest, I stumbled upon an interesting recipe: a vegan Parmentier of vegetables, by a famous chef named Dominique Crenn. A delicious way to eat some veggies, but full of flavor. After enjoying this inspiration, as well as my meal, I thought I should research some more Dominique Crenn recipes and publish them on my blog. In the end, this is why I started this journey in the first place. Enjoy!

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Who is Dominique Crenn?

Dominique Crenn, a culinary visionary and three-Michelin-starred chef, crafts recipes that transcend traditional gastronomy. Her avant-garde approach merges artistry and flavors, redefining the culinary landscape. Drawing inspiration from her Breton heritage and diverse global experiences, Crenn imbues her dishes with a unique poetic essence. Through meticulous technique and deep-rooted respect for ingredients, she creates sensory narratives that challenge the ordinary. Crenn’s recipes beckon exploration, enticing palates to embrace the unexpected and celebrate the harmony of nature’s offerings. Each creation is a tale, meticulously orchestrated, inviting diners into a realm where taste and imagination intertwine. I have found great inspiration in her ideas and I hope you will be just as lucky! Try her ideas for yourself and see if her style and flavors suit your taste.

Test your culinary skills with one of these Dominique Crenn recipes and creations

  1. Vegan Parmentier of Vegetables

2. Chef Dominique Crenn’s salmon

3. Brioche – Dominique Crenn recipes

4. Chef Dominique Crenn’s favorite cherry dessert

5. Roasted cabbage – Dominique Crenn recipes

6. Wild mushrooms with leek garlic puree and buckwheat crepe crackers

7. Caramelized winter squash with pumpkin seed persillade recipe

8. Confit leeks with bearnaise sauce

9. Grilled Cheese

10. Warm potato salad

11. Old Bread and Tomato Mille Feuille

12. Cured Salmon with Creme Fraiche, Lemon

13. Dominique Crenn’s Tomato and Basil

14. Apple pate a choux with candied pecans and caramel

15. Root vegetable gratin

16. Unity bread (Pain de Mie) recipe

17. Monte Cristo – Dominique Crenn recipes

Thus, if you’re ever looking for some creative recipes to integrate vegetables into your meals, Dominique Crenn recipes will help you a lot. Whether you decide to cook her recipes or just get inspired by her ideas, I am sure the end result will be delicious! Let me know if you fin other recipes by her so I can add them to my list!


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