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Georgie Radu
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You know me, my favorite search engine for new recipes is Youtube. When I want a new idea, I start looking on Youtube and, if I don’t find what I want there (which rarely happens), I try Google or Pinterest. Yesterday I was just browsing Youtube for new salad recipes and I stumbled upon a video having 3 ideas for summer salads. I tried the first one and it was delicious. Where can you find these ideas, you ask? They are Dean Richards recipes and I will make a list of them right here. 🙂

Who is Dean Richards?

The lovely man presenting the “3 summer salads” video is Dean Richards, a reporter for an American tv channel called WGN-TV. Besides winning more than 30 local and national awards for programming and production, he is also a great chef. Lucky us, we get to enjoy his recipes by simply watching the WGN News Youtube channel.

30 Dean Richards recipes for everybody to enjoy

Chicken recipes

  1. 5-can Mexican chicken casserole
Casseroles are one of my favorite recipes because they are not messy and can be eaten as leftovers the next day. I have recently discovered Mexican food and thanks to Claudia Regalado’s recipes I have been experimenting more and more in my kitchen. Of couse, it is far from the real thing. However, my skills are improving. 🙂 (I cannot wait to visit Mexico!)

2. Grilled Chicken Thighs done 3 ways

There are not many things that take ma back to my childhood, but grilled chicken thighs can definitely do the job. This dish reminds me of my dad and his backyard grilling. Great recipe!

3. Crispy chicken thighs with white wine pan sauce

A bit sophisticated, but nonetheless delicious. Try this recipe to impress your loved ones for dinner on Sunday lunch.

4. Sheet pan greek chicken with roasted potatoes

Greek food just mentally takes me to those beautiful islands and deep blue sea. Is it just me? I miss Greece. The season is almost over, but I’ll be thinking about another summer vacation there all winter long.

5. Idris Elba’s African chicken-peanut stew by Dean Richards

This is a recipe I have never tried before, but there must be a first time for everything. I am so happy I can find and collect these great ideas on a blog! Why didn’t I have this idea earlier?

6. Beer-marinated BBQ chicken thighs

BBQ anything, please! These recipes will never grow old.

Beef recipes

1. Meatloaf Muffins

I feel like meatloaf muffins could be great with a side of chips and some sriracha sauce. I will try them one evening very soon!

2. French Onion Crockpot beef stew

Beef stew is already a french classic and all variations are just as delicious. The French have great cuisine and stay healthy, slim and happy all their life. Maybe their cooking is the secret.

3. Steak fajita pitas and steak rollups

Great food for Sunday lunch or backyard parties. So simple, yet so delicious!

4. Guinness beef stew

Beef stews are easy to cook and an excellent way of preserving the flavor and nutrients from the meat. If you don’t like eating meat, try some veggie recipes down below.

5. Easy, delicious beef and broccoli

Beef and broccoli, what a great combination. I cook beef like this when I have little time to make dinner. Easy-peasy!


  1. Grilled Shrimp and veggie foil packs
Shrimp and seafood in general are amazing mainly because they are very rich in collagen, thus supporting skin and joint health. If you are not allergic and enjoy shrimps, this recipe might easily become a regular in your schedule.

2. Sweet-chili garlic shrimp and grilled honey mustard salmon

I love sweet chili, regardless of the recipe I use it in. I remember the first day I tried it and fell in love with the taste. Pair it with some garlic shrimp and you have yourself an amazing meal and some leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

3. Linguine with lobster tails

Pastaa! What a wonderful invention! Of course, linguine with lobster tails is regarded as a sophisticated dish. Who says we cannot have sophisticated dishes whenever we want?

4. Greek shrimp bowls

Again, I have to confess how much I like Dean Richard’s love for Greek food. Shrimp bowls are a 5-star way of eating not only delicious food, but also healthy and nourishing.

5. 3 recipes for air fryer seafood

I love my air fryer! Everything I cook using it tastes very good and can be cooked with less to no oil. My cardiovascular system thanks it every day. 🙂

6. Seafood pasta salad

There are not many combinations that make my heart skip a beat. Just joking! There are soooo many! If you are a foodie like me, you know the feeling. However, pasta and seafood is a top 10 pair!


  1. Easter Ham in the slow cooker
The words “ham” and “slowcooker” give me tingles. This great appliance has made my life better every week since buying it 3 years ago. I just press start and I have a delicious meal when I come home in the evening. Great recipe for busy people!

2. Grilled pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, and Brussel sprouts

Sunday lunch, anyone?

3. Bratwurst prepared 5 ways

I don’t know about you, but bratwursts remind me of carnivals and festivals. Eating them makes me very joyful. Hey, sometimes I just have to bring some carnival feeling into my life, can you judge me?

4. Maple bacon Brussels Sprout and Buttermilk-brined turkey breast

I don’t normally like Brussels sprouts, but I get the feeling that I just didn’t know how to cook them deliciously. I’ll also give this recipe a try because I want to bring more of them into my diet.

5. Pork tenderloin on the grill

If you’d like another way of cooking pork tenderloin on a grill, try a smoker grill.


  1. Homemade pesto pasta with green beans and toasted pine nuts
Pesto pasta will never get old.

2. Pasta Bolognese, inspired by “Goodfellas” and “Lady&the Tramp”

Pasta bolognese, what a delight! I could eat it anywhere, everywhere.

3. Lemon-garlic pasta recipe inspired by actor Chris Pine

Lemon-garlic pasta is a new fashion online, everybody wants to try it and its variations. I think even Sofia Vergara has a favorite recipe with lemons and pasta. If you want something fresh to eat, try this.

4. Pasta Meatball Bundt Cake

Cake made out of pasta? Sign me in!

5. Greek pork, feta and orzo pasta

Greek food again! I will never be tired of it. However, you have to admit that Greek food is the best when eaten on a Greek island, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

6. Dean Richards’ recipe for St. Joseph’s day Spaghetti with buttered bread crumbs

My mom used to make me spaghetti with bread crumbs when I was little. Comfort food alert!

7. Ravioli lasagna

Lasagna, my love! Italians have a good saying about eating pasta and lasagna correctly: you can eat as much pasta as you want during the week, as long as you eat lasagna only during the weekend.


  1. Greek village salad, roasted-corn salad and other dishes using tomatoes from the garden

2. 3 summer salads

3. Spring salad with farro, garbanzos, asparagus and parmesan

4. Tomato, garbanzo bean and feta salad


  1. Cold cucumber soup

2. Spiced sweet potato soup

3. Gazpacho and vertical roasted chicken on the grill

4. French Onion Soup


  1. Grilled corn-on-the-cob

2. 3 asparagus appetizers on the grill

3. Stuffed sweet potatoes – 3 different recipes

4. Tomatoes made in 3 different ways

5. Perfect Guacamole recipe


  1. Peach Cobbler

2. 3 different types of banana bread

3. Strawberry-rhubarb cobbler on the grill

Simple recipes are always a good idea when you want a delicious meal without much work. I feel like any of these recipes can be successfully cooked for a lovely evening with family or friends. No to mention how each and every one of these ideas can be considered comfort food. The advantage? They have very healthy ingredients and are way better as comfort food than fast-food.


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