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Fish liver oils are a supplement that we all know from childhood when either we or our friends were taking one spoonful every day for our health. We had to, as children don’t usually eat liver and our parents wanted us to benefit from all those healthy properties of the liver. Growing up, some of us developed a palate for liver. In my case, it was tasting foie gras, the famous french dish. Since then, I tried to expand my taste and try new types of liver whenever I got the chance. Apparently, northern populations have been eating cod liver forever. Naturally, they have perfected their recipes over time. Nowadays we can all benefit from cod liver health benefits easily. If you’re a fan, try some cod liver recipes and expand your ways of cooking it.

For those who still don’t like liver, but like eating fish, I have gathered some blackfish recipes, salmon recipes or sea bass recipes for you to try. Nonetheless, you could also try to put your fish on the smoker for greater variety in your meals.

Cod liver recipes

To my surprise, there are many ways to cook cod liver: patés, salads, sandwiches, tartars, or flambées. Who knew? If you have other interesting recipes and would like to share them with others, leave a comment and I will make sure to include them in this list!

Cod liver paté recipes

  1. Smoked oyster and cod liver pate recipe
A pate is the most basic thing you can do with the liver, regardless of its origin. The creamy texture and rich taste go amazing with fresh bread, toast, or a baguette. You can basically mix and match patés with vegetables and have yourself a great, nutritious meal in just a few minutes.

2. Cod liver paté on toast

3. Amanda’s cod liver paté

4. Cod Liver Pâté with Sardines and Kippers

Cod liver recipes for sandwiches

  1. Sandwich with cod liver paté
If you’re tired of tuna salad sandwiches, bring some variation into your life with this new recipe. Who knows, maybe it will become a habit in your life.

2. Cod Liver & Roe Pate Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich with cod liver? This could also be a great idea for those little ones who don’t like eating liver. Who doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich?

3. Tartini with Avocado and Cod Liver

Impress your guests or just enjoy a nice afternoon snack.

4. Tartini with Avocado and Cod Liver Mousse

If you don’t like pieces, try a mousse!

5. The Recipe for Grilled Eggplants with Cod Liver

This a great idea for pescatarians or those who follow a keto diet! Cod liver is for everybody!

6. Cod liver sandwiches

Half Tartini, half sandwich. For those days when you just can’t decide on the shape. 🙂

Salads with cod liver

  1. The Salad with Cod Liver and Pistachios Recipe

2. Cod Liver & Roe Pate Egg Salad

3. Cod Liver Salad Sandwich

4. Spring Salad with Cod Liver and Toum

5. Cod Liver Salad

6. Salad with Cod Liver

Other cod liver recipes

  1. Flambeed Cod Liver

2. Scrambled Arugula Eggs with Cod Liver

3. Salmon Tartare with Cod Liver

These were all recipes I could find for now. If you have other delicious ideas, please let me know in the comments. I will be happy to include them in this list :). Bon appétit!


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