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I think you already know my habits by now :). I looove searching Youtube for authentic, lovely, genuine, good-vibes-giving people who are passionate about cooking. This is how I found another great Youtube channel, Cooking con Claudia. Claudia Regalado recipes are from traditional Mexican cuisine. As I have mentioned before, I did now grow up with Mexican recipes in my house. This doesn’t mean I don’t love them! From the moment I discovered burritos and tacos, my life was finally complete. More lovely ladies that cook on Youtube are Rachel cooks with love, Brenda Gantt, Madiskarteng Nanay recipes, Gina Young, Whipporwool Holler. This month I also added a nice, fitness enthusiast gentleman who cooks delicious recipes to my list – Remington James. Hopefully, this list will only grow over time. My desire to discover new, passionate people cooking incredible food online is infinite.

Who is Claudia Regalado?

Cooking con Claudia is the Youtube channel of one lovely lady, Claudia Regalado. She claims to cook “the best authentic Mexican recipes” and, to be honest, I cannot argue with that :). Her Youtube channel has hundreds of Mexican recipes for us to try, and they all seem to be more than delicious. Who cares about the calories? Let it rain with deliciousness! Having more than 777k followers, Claudia is one of the most popular in her niche. She is a young, charismatic lady and has a great future ahead. Another thing I love about her channel is that she made it bilingual. This way, even if you don’t speak Spanish (my case, hellooo!!), you can still enjoy her recipes.

Claudia Regalado recipes – authentic Mexican cuisine

No matter what recipe you love in the large domain that is Mexican cuisine, it is very likely that you will find it on Claudia’s channel. If not, just wait a bit – it will be posted soon. From chicken to beef, from veggies to desserts, you can enjoy her videos and choose a favorite or two to cook for your loved ones. I know I will!

Chicken recipes – Claudia Regalado recipes

  1. Chicken mole tamales
Tamales are one of the most recognizable recipes in Mexican cuisine, and also one of the most delicious. It is very useful to have a great Tamales recipe on hand, you never know when you need it!

2. Red chicken chilaquiles

I had no idea this amazing dish existed. I cooked it and my husband fell in love (with it, he was already in love with me :)).

3. Cheesy chicken tinga quesadillas

Quesadillas are one of those great, easy-to-make, easy-to-store and easy-to-transport foods. Children love them and you can pack lots of veggies and protein inside without changing the delicious taste. If you like Claudia’s idea, but wish for a recipe with more protein, try Remington’s James version.

4. Chicken fajitas

Chicken fajitas is a classic Mexican dish. To be honest, I love it when I order it from different restaurants. I will try it myself as soon as possible. I am sure I will love it!

5. Pollo Guisado

The best thing about casseroles and stews is that they make great leftovers. Our parents and grandparents did not have time to cook every day, so these were the go-to recipes to feed their family. Use their ideas to make your life easier!

Beef recipes

  1. Shredded beef taquitos
I will try thiiiis just to use my multicooker! I have one, it just collects dust in my kitchen drawer. After watching this recipe I decided I will try it in the few weeks. If you also have a multicooker that you don’t use, give it a chance.

2. Incredibly juicy and tender beef barbacoa

I have yet to meet a person who does not like street tacos. They are great from time to time, but cooking tacos at home can also be a delicious way of saving some money. The secret is moderation.

3. Gorditas enchiladas

Of course, it is delicious! It is called “gorditas enchiladas”!

4. Red Sauce Beef Smothered Burrito – Wet Burrito

I love wet burritos, even though I have to admit they are harder to transport if you want to take them for lunch to work. I think the best strategy is to eat a normal burritos for lunch and wet burritos for dinner. Win-Win!

5. Flaky ground beef empanadas

The first time I tried empanadas was at a restaurant in my town. The next time I ate them they were homemade. I have to admit, homemade will always be better!

Breakfast ideas

  1. Mexican breakfast crunch wrap
To be honest, I love the Taco Bell crunch wrap. I am sorrryyy!!! I know it is not the real thing, but it stole my heart. Until I tried this recipe and completely changed my taste! Now, whenever I crave an authentic crunch wrap, I make it myself.

2. Huevos rancheros

Eggs have been my favorite food since I was little. My mom remembers one time I ate 14 eggs for Easter when they were not paying attention to me. I was 4 years old! No worries, I am ok. However, my passion for eggs is still as strong. There is no way of cooking eggs I dislike. I was so happy to discover this recipe and add it to my list!

3. The ultimate breakfast sandwich

Do you ever feel like you have tried every breakfast recipe out there and got tired and bored of them? Yep, I feel you. That was exactly how I felt before discovering this sandwich. I should just start a rotation of breakfast recipes to prevent getting bored of them :)).

4. Mexican breakfast burrito

Breakfast burritos are greaaaat. Not only they are delicious, but they are easy to make, easy to eat, easy to store, and easy to cook in batches and freeze. I was following a nice lady on Instagram who was about to give birth a few months ago (she has a beautiful baby boy now) and she made some stories about cooking almost 90 breakfast burritos to freeze and have on hand after giving birth. She told us they were literally life savers when she had no time to cook as she was taking care of a newborn. Hopefully one day they will also help me under the same circumstances.

5. MACHACA BREAKFAST BURRITO – A Recipe You Can Stretch For a Big Family Under 20 Dollars!

Another recipe for breakfast burritos, this time more budget-friendly.

Desserts – Claudia Regalado recipes

  1. Banana bread
I love banana bread, you know it, I know it. This is another great recipe for you to try if you have exhausted all other recipes on my list.

2. Mexican dessert nachos

Excuse me? Dessert nachos? I had no idea this existed! Sign me in!

3. Churros

Churros are the type of food that I only eat on holidays. Where I am from, we eat churros at the seaside or in a mountain resort. However, I will make some exceptions for this recipe :).

4. Strawberry crunch cheesecake bars

A very nice cheesecake variation for us to enjoy during hot summer days. With all these high temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, this recipe was a God send. Thank you, Claudia!

5. Cheesecake fruit salad

This recipe gives me 5 stars – deconstructed dessert – Michelin stars restaurant vibes. It doesn’t just look sophisticated, it actually makes you feel like a million bucks. Try it!

Summer Drinks – Claudia Regalado recipes

High temperatures require refreshing, icy cold drinks. Honestly, this Youtube channel has saved my end of summer as it brought so many new ideas into my life. I don’t even think I have time to try them all this month. See for yourself:

  1. Refreshing Strawberry-Hibiscus & Orange-Mango AGUA FRESCA

2. Strawberry lemonade






8. Green juice




Can you even eat Mexican food without salsa? Of course you can! But why would you? Moreover, I have to admit, sometimes I eat other types of food with leftover salsa from the tacos I had for dinner the night before. Don’t judge me, salsa is delicious! Try one of these ideas for a great salsa for your food:




4. Green Salsa

5. SALSA DE PIÑA – Pineapple salsa

Every day I am so grateful and thankful for Youtube and these amazing people making my life wonderful with their cooking. I now have (literally) hundreds of delicious recipes to cook for me and my loved ones. I hope everybody can be as happy as I am when I watch one of these videos. 🙂


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