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I am always on the look for healthy alternatives to my favorite dishes. – Chloe Ting healthy recipes – is a great concept that I discovered lately, from a very interesting sports Youtuber. What I like most is how she managed to transform even day-to-day well-known „unhealthy” foods into safe plates for everyone to enjoy.

Who is Chloe Ting?

Chloe Ting is a fitness Youtuber based in Singapore. She does workout programs and weight-loss inspiration videos for her millions of followers. Even though she has had a Youtube channel since 2011, she focused solely on fitness and health starting from 2017. Her channel grew organically and, in 2019, went viral because of her „Get abs in two weeks” video. Moreover, she also became Tik Tok famous following her challenge „two-week shred challenge”. I tried some of her recipes and find them not only easy to cook, but also very delicious. Right now she has more than 24 million followers!

Even though she is a sports Youtuber and her recipes are targeted at people who would like to lose some weight, you can definitely enjoy them even if you are not on a diet.

If you like healthier versions of day-to-day recipes, try some other favorite fitness YouTubers of mine: Will Tennyson recipes or James Remington recipes. Moreover, Josh Cortis‘s Youtube channel has some amazing ideas for healthy, low-calorie, delicious meals and meal-prepping.

Chloe Ting healthy recipes for everyone – Savory ideas

  1. Beef nachos

2. Easy butter chicken

3. Teriyaki Chicken

4. Breakfast burrito

5. Chicken Nuggets

6. BBQ Shredded Tofu Tacos

7. Sweet and sour chicken

8. Sweet potato egg muffins

9. Salmon alfredo

10. Crispy baked chicken

Sweet recipes – Chloe Ting healthy recipes

  1. French Toast

2. Banana Almond Oatmeal

3. Red Velvet Pancakes

4. Tiramisu Pancakes

5. Japanese fluffy souffle pancakes – sugar-free

6. Carrot cake pancakes

7. 3 ingredient pancakes

8. Fluffy waffles

9. Carrot cake oatmeal

10. Easy peachy berry bakes oats

11. Mug cinnamon rolls

12. Chocolate hummus

13. 4-ingredient healthy Ferrero balls

14. Banana oatmeal pancakes

15. Healthy Thin Mints – Vegan and gluten-free

I just love these alternatives to day-to-day favorite foods. Of course, Chloe Ting is not the only one who proposes healthy recipes and alternatives. I really like her style and hope to find more people like her online. Let me know if you also have healthy alternatives to everyday foods!


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