72 Chicken tenderloin recipes you will love – baked, air-fried, one pot, Crockpot – Pick your favorite!

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Chicken tenderloin is one of those ingredients that will please everybody, can be cooked rapidly, and can be integrated into an infinity of recipes. Last week I was searching for some new chicken tenderloin recipes, and I was not disappointed with what I found. Of course, I had to collect them here so that you can also choose your favorites. 🙂

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Chicken tenderloin recipes for the oven

  1. Oven-baked chicken tenders without breading

2. Garlic butter chicken tenders

3. Creamy chicken bake

4. Healthy baked chicken tenders (oven-fried chicken strips)

5. Oven broiled garlic chicken tenders

6. Baked cajun chicken tenders


7. Bacon-wrapped chicken tenders

8. Garlic parmesan chicken tenders

9. The best baked bbq chicken tenders

10. 20-minute honey garlic chicken tenders

11. Oven-baked ranch chicken tenders

12. Oven-roasted parmesan crusted chicken tenders

13. Easy baked teriyaki chicken

Chicken tenderloin recipes in the air fryer

  1. Air fryer chicken tenders – no breading

2. Air fryer cracker barrel grilled chicken tenderloins

3. Air fryer teriyaki chicken tenders

4. Air fryer naked chicken tenders

5. Air fryer chicken tenders – healthy kid-friendly version

6. Air fryer sesame chicken

7. Lemon pepper chicken in the air fryer

8. Air fryer bbq chicken tenders

9. Crispy chicken goujons

10. Air fryer bacon wrapped chicken

11. Honey mustard chicken

12. Ranch chicken tenders in Air Fryer

13. Air fryer honey garlic chicken

14. Crumbled chicken tenderloins – Air fried

15. Air fryer buffalo chicken tenders

16. Panko-coated air fryer chicken tenders

17. Coconut chicken tenders

18. Air fryer lemon pepper chicken

19. Air fryer buttermilk chicken tenders

20. Air fryer garlic parmesan chicken tender recipe

21. Air fryer bacon-wrapped chicken tenderloins

One pot recipes

  1. One pot chicken and orzo

2. One-pot shawarma chicken and orzo skillet

3. One pot creamy pepperoncini chicken tender skillet

4. Creamy cajun chicken pasta recipe

5. Easy one-pot chicken and rice

6. Easy marry me chicken (30-minute recipe)

7. Creamy mushroom chicken pasta

8. Creamy Tuscan chicken

9. Country chicken and vegetable skillet

10. Chicken tenders recipe with green beans

11. One skillet chicken zucchini potatoes

12. Garlic butter chicken pineapple skillet recipe

13. Country chicken skillet

14. Skillet plum chicken tenders

15. Best lemon chicken

16. Garlic butter chicken and potatoes skillet

17. Creamy lemon chicken

Chicken tenderloin in the Crockpot

  1. Crock Pot Chicken tenders recipe

2. Slow cooker Ritz Chicken

3. Crockpot chicken and gravy

4. Crockpot Tuscan Chicken

5. Crockpot ranch chicken

6. Sweet Hawaiian Crockpot chicken

7. Slow Cooker garlic butter chicken and veggies

8. Crockpot chicken parmesan

9. Crockpot chicken

10. Crockpot chicken and noodles

11. Slow cooker brown sugar balsamic chicken

12. Crockpot Olive Garden chicken recipe (3 ingredients)

13. Sweet Hawaiian Crockpot chicken

14. Creamy tomato basil chicken

15. Crockpot cheesy buffalo chicken tenders

16. Slow-cooker orange-ginger chicken tenderloins

17. 3-ingredient Crock Pot Sweet Pineapple Chicken

18. Slow cooker brown sugar balsamic chicken

19. Crockpot cilantro lime chicken

20. Slow cooker Mississippi chicken recipe

21. Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Marsala

Let me know in the comments if you have other ideas you would like to see included in my list!


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