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Canned spinach may not always elicit excitement in the kitchen, but its convenience and versatility make it a valuable ingredient in many culinary creations. Of course, I did not enjoy any type of spinach when I was a child, but I can say now that this delicious veggie is growing on me. This unassuming pantry staple, often overshadowed by its fresh counterpart, offers a multitude of opportunities to elevate your dishes. In this article we embark on a journey through the world of canned spinach recipes, exploring how this readily available ingredient can transform into delectable meals in 69 ideas. Not to mention another amazing advantage, just as in the case of canned octopus: the low price!

From creamy spinach and artichoke dip to savory spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts, canned spinach adds a burst of green goodness to a wide array of recipes. Its long shelf life makes it a dependable option for busy cooks, while its mild flavor allows it to blend seamlessly into diverse cuisines. Whether you’re seeking nutritious sides, hearty main courses, or innovative appetizers, canned spinach can surprise and delight your taste buds. So, let’s dive into the delectable universe of canned spinach recipes and discover how this humble canned green can become the star of your dining table.

Canned spinach recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner

  1. Crustless spinach Pie

2. Quick and easy creamed spinach

3. Kristen’s versatile spinach casserole

4. Easy spinach cheese squares

5. Warm skillet spinach dip recipe

6. Greek Spanakopita

7. Easy spinach tortillas – gluten-free, vegan

8. Easy spinach chickpea cakes

9. Green borscht (Ukranian Spinach Soup)

10. Potato and spinach gratin

11. Spinach pesto

12. Instant Pot spinach rice

13. Baked eggs with spinach

14. Cheesy spinach casserole

15. Easy spinach rice

16. Crustless spinach quiche

17. Soft spinach roti

18. Restaurant style healthy Palak Paneer Curry

19. Creamy spinach pasta

20. Spinach + artichoke dip

21. Creamy spinach gratin

22. Spinach mushroom risotto

23. Coconut dal with spinach

24. Spinach artichoke squares

25. Spinach and feta stuffed sweet potatoes

26. Lentil + spinach curry

27. Crustless keto spinach pie

28. Spinach stuffed shells

29. Best spinach omelette

30. Spinach mushroom quiche

31. Spinach ricotta brunch bake

32. Creamy spinach and mushroom gnocchi with garlic and smoked paprika cream sauce

33. Mushroom and spinach cauliflower rice

34. Creamy garlic shrimp with spinach

35. Spinach patties

36. Green spinach pasta sauce (8 minutes!)

37. Baked turkey spinach meatballs

38. Scrambled eggs with spinach

39. Spinach pancakes

40. Creamy tomato and spinach soup

41. Spinach and ricotta pasta

42. Turkey spinach feta burgers

43. Spinach ricotta bites

44. Homemade artichoke pizza with spinach

45. Ina Garten’s spinach and cheddar souffle

46. Spinach Shakshuka

47. Easy Salmon Florentine

48. Parmesan Spinach cakes

49. Spinach and Mozzarella egg bites

50. Spinach potato casserole

51. Spinach balls

52. Eggplant roll-ups with creamy cheese and spinach


53. Keto spinach and feta quiche

54. Spinach lasagna recipe

55. Low carb spinach and feta parcels

56. Spinach tart with olive oil cracker crust

57. Spinach and feta triangles – Spanakopita triangles

58. Spinach potato patties

59. Chocolate chip spinach muffins

60. Garlic chicken spinach dumplings

61. Spinach artichoke quesadillas

62. Avocado spinach pesto

63. Vegetable pancakes with carrot, spinach and sweet potato

64. Crustless quiche with salmon and spinach

65. Spinach, feta and potatoes au gratin

66. Slow cooker creamed spinach – 3 ingredients!

67. 15-minute vegan lemon spinach pasta

68. Spinach and mushroom lasagna

69. Spinach and zucchini vegetable bake

Canned spinach recipes offer convenience and versatility in the kitchen. From creamy dips to nutritious sides, this pantry staple can transform into delectable dishes whenever you need a fast way to cook a meal. Its long shelf life makes it a reliable option for a long time, providing a burst of green goodness to your meals. Let me know in the comments if you have other delicious recipes for me to add to my list!


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