31 Canned ham recipes – delicious soups you will love on cold winter evenings

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You might have noticed how the ”canned foods” theme has grown on this blog lately. This is because, as I am exploring new recipes and ways to improve my cooking, I have (re)discovered canned foods. And I like them very much! Not only do they bring back a part of my childhood I had forgotten, but also because they are very convenient ingredients to add to my daily cooking. This week I found canned ham at the supermarket and thought I should give it a try. Guess what! Delicious, as always. There are many canned ham recipes out there, and most of them involve adding vegetables (yay, fiber!). Thus, any type of food can be transformed into a healthy meal with a little imagination.

Canned ham recipes – salads, soups and more

Canned ham salads

  1. The best ham salad

2. Best ham salad

3. Best ever ham salad

4. Deviled ham salad

5. Potted ham recipe

6. Old-fashioned ham salad

7. Iowa ham salad

8. Deviled ham spread

Canned ham recipes for soups

As the cold weather is basically knocking on the door where I’m from, I wanted to add a list of canned ham soups here for all of us to enjoy in cold, winter evenings. I will definitely be enjoying them for the next few months.

  1. Easy ham and bean soup

2. Creamy ham and potato soup

3. Slow-cooker pea and ham soup

4. Easy ham and corn chowder

5. Leftover ham soup with lentils

6. Slow-cooker ham and potato soup

Canned ham recipes for main dishes

  1. Ham and beans

2. Ham and potato casserole

3. Choucroute

4. Country ham potato bake

5. Pasta fazool

6. Creamy ham and cheese pasta

7. One pot ham and penne skillet

8. Ham and broccoli casserole

9. Ham and vegetable bake

10. Ham cakes with garlic dill aioli

11. Perfect for leftovers – ham hash

There are so many delicious options for breakfast these days! I don’t know about you, but when I grew up I only ate sandwiches and bread with jam (hehe). Delicious, but the lack of variety was boring. Try one of the hundreds of breakfast recipes I collected on the blog!

12. Canned ham bites

13. Ham fried rice

14. Easy ham quiche

15. Ham and cheese crustless quiche

16. Farmhouse ham balls

17. Ham and cheese quiche

Soups, one-pot meals, slow-cooker canned ham recipes, cook-ahead casseroles, there are so many things you can do with canned ham! Besides dessert :). Just pick your favorite and take advantage of this easy, budget-friendly ingredient to feed your family and loved ones. Let me know if you have other canned ham recipes (or other canned foods for the matter) and I will make sure to add them to my list!


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