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If you are not a professional, cooking a piece of fish can be a very hard task. No matter the species or type of meat, you almost always need some guidance. This is very inconvenient as fish is also one the most nutritious foods out there. Moreover, black fish recipes can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, my quest for finding easy, fast recipes has come to an interesting result.

What exactly is blackfish?

Black fish is a name given to various dark-colored species of fish, including the famous tautog, Alaska blackfish, bowfin and black sea bass. People have been eating it for centuries because it is delicious, tender, juicy and, most important, highly nutritional. Particularly, the children love the taste very much.

Easy black fish recipes anybody can make

  1. Easy blackfish (tautog) recipe
A great recipe that takes only 15 minutes and basic ingredients to make. With a bit of butter and some spices, you will get a great black fish to enjoy for brunch, lunch or dinner.

2. Black Sea Bass with shrimp and a Lemon Scampi Sauce

This is a delicious restaurant-style recipe recommended by a chef. It is not only easy to make, but it will elevate your home dining experience. Also, great for impressing your friends and loved ones!

3. Pan-Seared Black Cod with Tropical Fruit Salsa

The great thing about this recipe is that it works great with any type of fish, including black fish such as sea bass. It smells refreshing and provides a unique dining experience with low effort. Try it and see for yourself!

4. The best baked haddock

Again, an easy recipe with amazing results. Just combine some butter, some easy-to-find spices and 1 1/2 pounds of fish and obtain a delicious, healthy meal.

5. Miso glazed Chilean sea bass

I love international cuisine. My mother is very traditional in her cooking so I have just now started to experience delicious recipes from all around the world. Who would have thought something like this existed? Delicious!

6. Miso Black Cod

A very fresh and delightful recipe. If you are not used to the miso taste, you will be pleasantly surprised.

7. Ginger-Soy Glazed Haddock

Apparently, black fish is very delicious when accompanied by flavors such as miso, soy, and ginger. Who knew? By using easy-to-find aromatics you can transform a piece of fish into a complete experience.

8. Tamarind-Glazed Black Bass with Coconut-Herb Salad

Truly impressive, but very easy to cook! This recipe will be on my list of special dishes from now on.

9. Parmesan-crusted Tautog with Herb-Lemon Sauce

You wouldn’t think that parmesan and black fish are a recipe for success. Guess what? All you need is a little guidance and you will enjoy a special dinner tonight!

10. Roasted Blackfish with Olives and Sage

Truly inspirational! Another totally unique idea for cooking blackfish. I really like olives, so I will give this recipe a try as soon as possible.

Apparently, black fish recipes come in all sorts of fits and sizes. I did not know there are so many different ways to cook simple fish. As I am in a fish craving period of my life, I will give my best to honor all these recipes and cook some delicious meals for me and my husband. We’ll see where that takes us. Wish me luck!


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