40 Amaury Guichon recipes – favorite pastries and chocolate sculptures

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Recently I found out there are two types of chefs out there: those who use ingredients to perfect the taste of a meal and those who take things one step further. The second type of chefs are rare and their artistry does not lie in making the dish, but in impressing the audience by how the final result looks like. Amaury Guichon astonishes us on his Youtube and TikTok channels through his intricate designs, using chocolate and pastry to create truly impressive creations. I don’t think I have the talent or the resources to try something like this at home, but I would really love to cook some Amaury Guichon recipes for myself every time I watch one of his videos.

Of course, if these ideas made you crave some desserts a non-chef person can cook at home, get inspired by one of these recipes:

Who is Amaury Guichon?

Featuring an impressive 10,6 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, Amaury Guichon is indeed one of the most famous pastry chefs in the world. He is very young but very passionate and talented. His creations have managed to bring him an international audience and now you can also learn how to create impressive chocolate and pastry creations at his pastry school in Las Vegas. I can only say one thing: we are here for it!!

Fantasy chocolate sculptures

  1. Chocolate Robot Chef
This is my favorite chocolate sculpture from Amaury Guichon as I am very curious about robots, their future involvement in our daily life and particularly in the kitchen. Moreover, I have been interested in AI and its role in helping us prepare food. If you would like to find out more, check out my Cooking AI apps article.

2. Chocolate leopard

3. Chocolate orangutan

4. Chocolate fox

5. Chocolate rabbit

6. Chocolate shark

7. Chocolate chameleon

8. Chocolate crocodile

9. Chocolate snail

10. Chocolate squid

11. Chocolate giraffe

12. Chocolate King Cobra

13. Chocolate Dove

14. Chocolate tiger

15. Chocolate gorilla

16. Chocolate little reindeer

17. Chocolate Statue of Liberty

18. Chocolate dumbell

Fitness enthusiasts find their favorite items as themes in all areas of gastronomy. Get inspiration for your next meals from my fitness and low-calorie articles (let me tell you a secret, though, these recipes are not just for fitness enthusiasts! Everybody can enjoy the delicious taste and great nutrition they provide).

19. Chocolate Kraken

Of course, I had to include a character from my latest favorite TV movies (any binging fans around here?) – Pirates of the Caribbean. Beware!

20. Chocolate pinata

I have to admit, I was not expecting a chocolate pinata. Even if it is not a Mexican recipe per se, I will forever cherish it in my heart next to my favorite Mexican recipes.

Amaury Guichon recipes for pastries and pastry delights

  1. Cinnamon Roll VS Sticky Buns

2. Croissant

3. Chocolate croissant (Pain au chocolat) to share!

4. Coffee croissant

5. Purse

6. Chessboard game

7. Banana flambee

8. The banana

9. The sweet burger

10. The baby pineapple

11. Lemon tacos – Amaury Guichon recipes

12. Rose Pavlova

13. Grapefruit slices

14. Sweet limes

15. Bamboo

16. Lemon slices

17. Orange slices

18. Coconut

19. Engagement ring

20. Lily pad

Incorporating Amaury Guichon’s innovative techniques into your kitchen adventures promises a symphony of flavors and artistic mastery. Elevate your culinary creations, leaving a delectable impression that resonates far beyond the final bite. Unleash your inner pastry artist and embark on a tantalizing journey with these extraordinary Amaury Guichon recipes. If you want to try and recreate his designs, I say go for it!


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